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    Industrial calcium chloride

    • Product category:
    Industrial calcium chloride can be divided into solid calcium chloride and liquid calcium chloride.

    • Appearance: solid calcium chloride is white, grey white or yellowish, reddish powdery, flaky, granular or blocky solid; liquid calcium chloride is colorless transparent or slightly cloudy transparent liquid.

    • Standard: HG/T 2327-2004
    Item Index
    Solid calcium chloride Liquid calcium chloride
    I category II category III category IV category V category
    Mass fraction of calcium chloride (CaCl2), %≥ 94 90 77 74 68 Negotiable
    Mass fraction of total alkali chloride (asNaCl), %≤ 7.0 11.0
    Mass fraction of total magnesium (as MgCl2),% ≤ 0.5 0.5
    Mass fraction of alkalinity [as Ca(OH)2], % ≤ 0.4 0.4
    Mass fraction of water insoluble matter, % ≤ 0.3 0.1
    Particle size, % ≤ Negotiable  

    • Packing: polypropylene woven bag, internally coated, 40kg, 72% liquid calcium can be packed by 200kg iron drum (upon customer's request) 16% liquid calcium can be transported by tank, or 200kg drum


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