OUT OF RUINS by Michele G Miller

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Review by: Danielle Young

From the cover:
“Guilt. A painful, lonely feeling. It seeps into your pores slowly as you go through life day by day. Like a disease, it blackens your heart with thoughts and memories of what you did, or in my case, what you didn’t do.”

Surviving the storm was only the beginning for Jules. Surviving the guilt? That is something only love can help her overcome.

The Review: 5 Stars *****

The first book in this series From the Wreckage absolutely killed me. It left me awe inspired and slightly broken.

The Arms Race: First Day of School Version

“Wait, when did back-to-school become such a big deal?”

Hop in my text-based time machine back to my first day of public school at Jamestown Elementary in 1984. I walked by myself to the bus ¼ mile away, rode the shocks-free vehicle listening to Air Supply, wearing ill-fitting clothes from either Sears or Miller’s outpost, clutching on to my basic backpack containing the one cool school supply I had back then – a Trapper Keeper.

That was literally all of the pomp and circumstance involved with my first day of school, unless I’ve blocked memories to avoid a tear in my psyche. And that was pretty much the first day for all kids back then, and a solid period of time after that… and then there’s now.

Giveaway: Horror in Honduras

I'm giving away a signed copy of my book Horror in Honduras. Enter below for your chance to win.

The Bulletproof Adventures 

of Damian Stockwell

Horror in Honduras by Benjamin  Wallace

Horror in Honduras

by Benjamin Wallace

Giveaway ends August 30, 2014.
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 Damian Stockwell was raised from birth to be a force for good. Trained to combat the evils of the world and blessed with the physique of a demigod, he travels the globe on a quest to confront evil and punch it in the face. At his disposal is a vast fortune, an endless array of gadgets and an army of loyal allies.

The year is 1937. A mysterious curse has possessed Stockwell's friend and nothing will stop him from dishing out justice one fist at a time. From the bowels of the darkest jungle to the armpit of the Statue of Liberty, there is no place that evil can hide from Damian Stockwell.

Akihabara Electric Town Comes Home

Getting married is a rite of passage. Rites of passages usually signify a transition from one life stage to another. But, not always. Jim may have grown older but has defined growing up his own way. He’s been a toy-tech, the voice of Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander and has played more video games than that spoiled cousin you had growing up. 

There are certain places and events that are pretty much standard on every geek’s bucket list. San Diego Comic-Con. E3. Skywalker Ranch. But for me there is one place that resides above all of those. It is legendary among video game, animation, toy and movie nerds. (Or to use the Japanese analogy, otaku.)
I’m talking about Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo, Japan.

Teeing Off

Nothing says “Help support indie authors!” like buying a t-shirt.
And nothing says “Buy this t-shirt!” like having a curly mustache on the front.

Wait. Let’s back up a bit.

Fellow Dumb White Husbands Clayton Smith and I (Steven Luna) are in all kinds of rocket-launching mode with our new venture Dapper Press, a publishing services company aimed at helping indie authors turn their craft into art. But this rocket needs a little fuel, and nothing fuels a rocket better than t-shirts, right?

Okay…that one might need a little clarification.

To help fund our start-up costs, we’ve launched a Teespring campaign – it’s kind of like Kickstarter, but for t-shirt sales. If we reach 50 pledges of our classy mustache t-shirt, we make our campaign goal – woohoo! If we make our goal, everyone who pledges $15 toward a t-shirt actually receives said t-shirt. With a mustache on the front. Because mustaches are cool and classy, and so are t-shirts. And you will be too, if you wear this bad boy to any formal occasions that call for mustaches, t-shirts, and no ties.

But that’s not all!

Everyone who pledges a shirt also receives a Li’l Selfie, a cartoon version of him- or herself wearing said t-shirt to spiffy up his or her social media presence. Bam!

But there’s even more!

We have a little over a day to finish out our campaign…we need eight more pledges to make it. Anyone pledging from now through the end of the campaign will ALSO receive ALL THREE OF STEVEN’S JOE VAMPIRE NOVELS FOR KINDLE as well as CLAYTON’S NOVEL APOCALYPTICON AND HIS SHORT-STORT COLLECTION, PANTS ON FIRE. Whoa – that’s a lot of caps! But it’s a lot of swag you’ll bet getting for your $15 pledge.

The caps are totally appropriate in this case.

So fire up your clicker, and head to www.Teespring.com/dappertee and log your pledge! Nothing says “I’m in!” like using the internet to help indie authors help other indie authors while pulling in a sweet stash of books and a sweet ‘stache tee in one swoop.

And nothing says “Thank you for your support!” better than a bunch of bonus stuff from the guys who truly appreciate the love from everyone who’s stepped up to help. You guys are the cat’s ‘stache (we might have made that up just for the occasion).

Chocolate is All

We all know I am a bit obsessed with cupcakes, all you have to do is take one look at any of my pages and that fact is obvious, so naturally I thought I would hit you husbands with a chocolate cupcake recipe. I know it is not manly food, but think of it this way. Chocolate is a girls best friend, yes chocolate, so make this for your woman and she will probably be goo goo over you. Until she see’s the mess in the kitchen anyways. Sorry, I can’t help you there guys.

Another way to look at it, cupcakes are small so you can consume 6 before you really have to start thinking about weight gain… okay so that parts not true, but they are small and you can eat more of them because of their size.

Oh and did I mention that this cupcake is topped with Nutella Buttercream?