Chris “Guy With No Shirt” Bohlin

I’m short. I’ve spent my whole life attempting to make up for that. About three years ago I realized it’s harder to overcompensate for short when you’re short and fat. And losing your hair. I was able to fix one out of three, so I stopped being fat. And, now I’m kind of the go-to guy in my circle for getting un-fat. I pretty much try really hard at everything I do and just stick with it. Because if its worth doing, well, it’s worth doing right. The first time. I didn’t just have kids with my gorgeous wife. I got her pregnant twice at the same time. With real twins. Identical girl ones. We also have a black and white American bulldog that hardly ever gets off the couch.
  • You Don't Know What You Don't Know

    I’ve listened to Chris go on about fitness for years and I’ll admit that he has moved me from never going to the gym to one day considering possibly maybe going to a gym. In his post today, he addresses some apprehensions that may push me even closer. But, I doubt it. -ben There are […]

  • "look, I've even brainwashed my kids!"

    Advice from Paleo kids By Chloe and Camee, 5th grade studentsOk kids! Don’t you hate it when your parents try to serve you healthy but disgusting Paleo foods? Well you don’t have to worry anymore. These 5th grade Paleo kids know what to do. We live with The Guy with No Shirt! Here are some […]

  • Have Snacks. Will Travel.

    I was stopped at the elevator last week by one of our senior executives at the office as he pointed to my armload of grocery sacks filled with Tupperware containers. “You look like a homeless person,” he remarked. And, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as I left the office and actually saw a […]

  • Why can’t any of these diets be more livable?

    Overheard at a restaurant one evening: “Why can’t any of these diets be more livable? There is nothing on my diet that even comes close to what I want to eat.”I’m not usually one to eavesdrop. Ok, maybe that’s a lie. I find other people pretty interesting, so I guess I consider eavesdropping sociological research. […]

  • Honey, We’ve Plumped the Kids.

    OK, this one might sting a little. But, I feel like it needs to be said. And, once again let me start by saying that I am not an expert, nor have I earned a medical degree, and some conditions are uniquely medical. Now for my biased opinions…Swimsuit season is upon us. And, I recently […]

  • Being Married to the Guy with No Shirt

    A couple of neat things happened this week. First of all, I joined Twitter. As Ben Wallace will tell you, I once thought this social media tool was reserved for women. After I accused Ben of actually being a woman for belonging to Twitter, I realized I was wrong, but would have to wait for […]

  • Injury – Best. Excuse. Ever?

    I’ve had the unique experience of living with some sort of injury or condition that prevented me from exercise all the way from birth. Growing up, I was plagued with asthma and allergies. No sports for me. I couldn’t run around the block without triggering an asthma attack and the hives I got from rolling […]

  • Just stop trying.

    From the beginning, when I started this “fitness experiment,” my coaches and doctors made an observation about me. They said I was good at following orders. They would tell me to do something and usually, without question, I would do it. I followed the diet. I went in for checkups and showed up at the […]

  • Judgment

    For years my mother used to embarrass me in front of my friends’ parents telling them how hard it was to buy me pants. She always admitted that finding the “husky” size designation at Sears was one of the best things that happened when it came to buying me jeans every summer before school year […]

  • From Whence I Came

    My physical therapists are the best people I’ve ever known. The day I walked into their clinic complaining of chronic back pain four years after surgery was, well, interesting. If you’ve never had back pain, specifically a herniated, slipped or ruptured disc, let me tell you it’s a special kind of pain. I’m a “bright […]

  • Food. (How I’m able to annoy friends and family on a regular basis)

    If you read my last post, The Care and Feeding of Super Heroes and Beauty Queens, you’ll know I briefly touched on the research I did into diet. You’ll know I followed that research until my “diet” just became how I ate normally. One of my biggest questions was whether or not a new way […]

  • The Care and Feeding of Super Heroes and Beauty Queens

    Let me be the first to say that I never thought I’d be interested in something as boring as food. I am not a foodie. Five years ago if you’d asked me what my final meal would be if I was a death row inmate I would have told you a McDonald’s Number Four – Supersized […]

  • Getting Started. Werewolves, Cavemen and the C-Word.

    If you happened to see last week’s post you already know that, from the beginning, my fitness goal was inextricably tied to the werewolf species. This week’s post talks about what came next. Lots of people ask me how I did it. How I got to how I am today and how I keep it up without […]

  • Introducing the Guy With No Shirt

    So, I recently discovered I’ve become “that guy.” And, it’s weird because I think we all try pretty hard not to be him. But I am. And now that I am I think I’ll go with it, because it’s really not half bad. It started innocently enough with a chick-flick and a new year’s resolution. Which over […]