Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: It’s your turn

We’re husbands. We’re wrong a lot. Will we admit it? Will we even recognize it? No. But, that’s why we have you, our beloved spouses. We need your help.

Crystal has been doing a great job of telling us why we’re wrong since the beginning of the year. She is a wife and mother of two and has gotten too busy to continue. Rest assured she still tells us when we’re wrong but she doesn’t have time to write it down anymore. That’s where you come in. We need you to tell us why we’re wrong. Somebody needs to.

What do guys do wrong that drive you crazy?

What do husbands do wrong that needs to stop now?

There must be something. Here’s your chance to tell the men and husbands of the world why they’re wrong.

Just contact us and we’ll give you our soapbox for a day and thank you for providing this invaluable service.

PS: I do want to stress that Crystal taking a break from the column has nothing to do with her insulting Mel Brooks.

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