Why We’re Wrong Wednesdays: Over-fixin’

Dear Husband;

I love you and your Mr. Fixit sensibilities, really I do. Far be it for me to complain about any of the innumerable projects you’ve poured your blood, sweat, cuss words, and time into. In the seven years we’ve been in this home, you’ve put so much energy into making it better and I can’t fault you on any of the projects.

I love the all-wood closet organizational system you put into our master closet. The wood floors you put in the dining room, living room, and master bedroom are a complete overhaul from that ugly white carpet that was in the house before. I mean, that sucker collected all sorts of dirt and I was glad to be rid of it. The wooden step risers are beautiful. The new color you put on the walls on this living room, well it’s more a burnt desert orange color than the toasted sesame brown we picked out, but I still like it. The tile you put down in the bathroom is so much better than the linoleum that was there, I can’t even begin. And the plantation shutters you installed throughout the home are perfect. I can let in as much sun as I want, or I can be a complete shut-in in my office upstairs! It’s the best of both worlds.

And that’s just the highlight reel! For every big project I mentioned, there’s another five smaller projects I haven’t mentioned. There are light fixtures you’ve installed, shelves you’ve put up, furniture you’ve assembled, the patio you’ve rebricked with pavers, and the list goes on and on. And it all is really appreciated and loved.

But you don’t have to fix everything. The stairwell doesn’t need a new color, you don’t need to refinish the cabinetry in the bathroom, and you really REALLY don’t need to renovate the kitchen and create a bar/wine nook on a kitchen sidewall. At least you don’t have to do that right now.

These projects always take a physical tole on both you and me, they are a bit of an inconvenience until you get them done , and they always take five more trips to The Home Depot than you thought they would. They also take up a lot more emotional/mental real estate than you think. For weeks leading up to “The Project”, that project occupies most of our conversations. Worse yet, it takes up a lot of time I’d be spending watching TV. Instead of catching up on Project Runway episodes, I’m looking at another website involving electrical outlet covers, debating if we should have brass or nickel-plated finish, for the umpteenth time (Actual conversation we actually had multiple times). Instead of a fun weekend afternoon spent hiking or windsurfing, we’ve driven an hour to Ikea and we’re bickering about rugs.

You’ve got a home you’ve done a hell of a job at improving, you’ve got a wife and a daughter who love you very much and love the house they live in, and you’ve got a big screen piping in all the sports you want to watch. So how about you shelve any plans for a kitchen redo for awhile and sit back and enjoy life? Sometimes good is good enough.


The Bloody Munchkin

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