Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Wrong About Being Wrong

When we first invited readers to tell all us guys why we were wrong we got quite a few comments that we were wrong about being wrong. To illustrate that, our guest today points out that we’re wrong by telling us how awesome we are. Who are we to argue? Here’s Maggie.

So you’re willing to hear Why You’re Wrong?

Why You’re Wrong is that not ALL women enjoy debasing and emasculating our ‘dumb’ white men.

Some of us love you just the way you are – cars and sports and ALL!

Oh and when I say ALL…

Take my beautiful ‘Dumb’ White Husband

I sure wouldn’t want him grooming in the mirror, applying make-up, and styling his hair as long as I do

Or worrying his finger nails

No. I’d much prefer admiring him climbing a ladder with a chainsaw in hand to trim the trees

Or, wrestling on the floor with our boy, whom we joyfully created together

Or, scaring the Bejeesus out of our daughters’ would-be suitors

Or, hear his adrenaline-filled animal cheers as his favorite team scores

Or, maybe I’m just a ‘Dumb’ White Husband’s wife who is still madly in love with her man after 18 years of marriage?

NO. All these things make date night OH, SO much sweeter when all that Man’s attention is focused squarely on me, in my eyes and only for me.


Thanks, Maggie. Now that’s how I like to be told off. 

The amazing thing is, even when we’re wrong about being wrong, we can still be wrong about other things. If there’s something we guys do that bothers you tell us why we’re wrong and we’ll post it here


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