Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Cats Are Not Evil

Exhibit A

Dear Dumb White Husband,

I write to you today to say you are wrong.

Yes, I said it. Wrong.

I have a hunch that if I looked at the DWH crest it would include the Latin phrase Omnes feles mali sunt.

All cats are evil.

What is this? Guilty until proven innocent? I thought it was the other way around?

I’ll admit there are some cats out there that are probably evil – you know, that one big white Bengal tiger that attacked Roy… or was it Siegfried? Yeah, that one. Cats, on a whole, are not evil. I know you probably had a bad experience with one as a misguided youth – we all did. I had a scar for a long time on my face to prove it, but I’m not spouting off about their evil deeds as if every cat alive ever gave me that scar.

To try and persuade you to my side, I did a little research with the most honest and trustworthy source I could think of – the internet. I know, I’m laughing as I type that. Whatever. It still has some interesting information out there. And let’s be honest with ourselves, it probably won’t matter what I say anyway as you are too stubborn to admit that cats might not be evil after all. Can’t blame me for trying, right?

The Ancient Egyptians were early “Cats are Awesome” adopters. They saw cats as a symbol of power. Anyone caught killing a cat would also find themselves dead. Those Egyptians meant business, using the image of cats as part of their ceremonies and worship.

Then, Christianity came around and spoiled all the fun. Worshiping “Idols”, like Kelly Clarkston (I’m guessing) is a no go. They began outlawing the Egyptian’s love of cats comparing them to demons or devils. I’m thinking this is one of the first times the cat was called evil. It has had a bad rap ever sense.

Ever hang out with the “bad apple” when you were in grade school, and get in trouble “just because”? That was happening to cats too. Women who lived the single life, possibly on the outskirts of the village and seen as mysterious or weird, were usually considered witches. Guess what type of companion pet these women had – yep, you guessed it – cats. The old guilt by association game. And the term cat lady. Heh.

The media always plays the cats to be the evil ones, too: Tom always chasing after Jerry, Sylvester trying to eat Tweety Bird, Garfield kicking Odie off a table, the Siamese cats torturing that poor Cocker Spaniel in LADY AND THE TRAMP, the Detroit Lions losing a football game…oh wait…

There are some cultures still seeing the good side of them. The Japanese and Chinese still consider cats lucky and keep “Good Fortune” statues in their homes. They feel cats symbolize peace and transformation. Also, Hello, Kitty!, which is loved by many a grade school (and some adult) girls.

And me, personally. I have a cat – a pure breed Tonkinese, named Isis the WonderKitty. We adopted her when she was four months old. From the first night in our home, she has been a loved addition. While she can be a bit rambunctious, she is a good girl. When my daughter was an infant, Isis was the first one at the door to check out any crying. A big snugglebutt, to steal the nickname from my seven year old’s stuffed black cat.

Well, I’m guessing by now, you’ve either read this whole thing or gave up and started watching Hockey or something. Either way, maybe it got you to think if maybe you really are wrong or not about these furry felines and their supposed plot to take over the world. Or not.

I think you’re still wrong. Maybe you could at least change the DWH crest?


Stephanie, The Book Hipster

Thank you, Stephanie. And, you’re right. I did start watching hockey. But, I had to stop because my wife’s cat kept trying to swat the puck off of the screen. 


Stephanie Fuller is an avid crafter (crochet and scrapbooking) and the creator of The Book Hipster Blog. She resides in the Chicagoland area with her husband and daughter. She has no published works to date, but has big dreams. This is only the beginning.
Find her here:
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Tell us why we’re wrong and we’ll gladly post it here for everyone to see.

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  • reply Scarydad ,

    One of my earliest memories my parents were watching a show on TV and on this show this dude was being terrorized by this old lady and her cat. The cat kept getting into the guy’s house and he would chase it out.
    At some point the cat jumped out and scared the guy and he swatted it and it ran under the bed. When he looked under the bed the old woman was under there hissing at him and being evil and stuff.
    At the end of the show the guy died.

    That’s all I need to know about cats.

    • reply A Dumb White Husband ,

      They should show that movie in schools.

      • reply Echange francais 2014 ,

        That’s as dumb as people who wouldn’t swim in the ocean after seeing Jaws.

        • reply Anonymous ,

          Hey… I’m one of those “Jaws” people! And cats are kinda evil… they totally play with their snacks… but my dog does too. Dogs are evil too?! That’s all I got. Ocean bad. Cats kinda bad. Dogs might be….

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