It’s me. It’s you. It’s that guy and what’s his face.

The dumb white husband is the everyman that popular media serves up as the butt of every joke. There is no shame in this. It’s a proud American tradition to laugh at the family patriarch. We’re not here to complain about it. We’re here to celebrate it. We’re here to help every man live up to his full potential as a Dumb White Husband.

How are we going to do this?

> Dumb White Husbands like guy stuff, so we’ll talk about cars and tools and movies and stuff.

> Dumb White Husbands are bad at chores, so we’ll talk about how to screw those up so you’ll never have to do them again.

> Dumb White Husbands are lazy so we may have a whole section dedicated to hammocks.

> Dumb White Husbands love their beer, so we can talk about beer.

> Dumb White Husbands are often fathers, so parenting may enter the discussion.

> Dumb White Husbands need heroes, so we will celebrate the greatest dumb white husbands in history.

> Dumb White Husbands are accidentally rude, so we’ll talk about etiquette and how to mess that up as well.

And more.
As you can see, we’ve got a lot to talk about.
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  • reply JD ,

    OK, I’m in and I nominate either Al Bundy or James Ballard as the poster-DWH for this blog.

    Or maybe Al Bundy just becomes the patron saint for Dumb White Husband, much like Ted McGinley is the patron saint for “Jump The Shark.”

    Either way, it’s going to hurt. . . just a little bit.


    • reply @EvangelinaJo ,

      I am SO excited about your latest brilliant idea. *secretly in awe of your sheer genius* As a female, I would love better insight into the minds of DWHs everywhere. They truly are baffling to most efficient, pulled together, multi-tasking, get-it-all-done-and-then-some Wives/Moms.
      As for nominations, I would like to include a guy Everybody Loves …. Raymond. It always cracks me up when he messes things up, his wife merely looks at him in complete disgust and with the perfect tone mutters “idiot”. See, I’m laughing even now just thinking about it! : D
      I believe there is a fictional DWH who may have been robbed of the title due to serious cancellation. I think Monica’s DWH Chandler Bing could have ruled with hilarity. Sorry we never got to see him in action. He would have been a great candidate.
      Thank you for always making me laugh. I know you appreciate your wife. Even though you claim to be a DWH, I hope she appreciates you too. : )

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