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A Vampire Faces Middle-Age

My character Joe Vampire has gone through a bunch of crazy stuff over the years. Bad relationships, bad get-back-on-the-horse dates, bad experiences with booze and sushi. Good times with new friends and old friends. Hellacious moments with vampire hunters and undead prostitutes and moments of existential questioning that would drive someone with a fully-intact soul to madness.

He’s had a pretty eventful life, especially for being largely dead.
And now, he has a little more “eventful” to add to the list.
Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal, book three in the series, is now available for Kindle readers the world ‘round. In this one, Joe has settled into supernatural domesticity, and experiences level amounts of family expansion and family contraction. He also ends up with the opportunity of an afterlifetime: a chance to step up his music project, in the form of a tour supporting 80s Gothtronica band Revenant (“Think Depeche Mode, but with even more leather…if that’s possible.”) There are challenges there, of course. It wouldn’t be a Joe story without those. And the Vampire Within isn’t about to let things happen smoothly…new features show up just in time to complicate matters in ways our hero has become complacent to. When the resulting mayhem puts his loved ones in jeopardy, Joe takes measures he never imagined would be necessary in order to keep them safe.
Oooooh…measures. Sounds groovy, right?
As always, the world’s most blog-tastic dude ghoul traverses the ups and downs with humor, heart and honesty. I think I’ve come up with a fitting next round for the guy. Sure, I put him through his paces. But he knew what he was getting into when he signed on for this. Maybe you’ll be surprised when you read what happens next, but he shouldn’t have been.
Don’t you hate it when authors talk about their characters as if they’re real people?
Authors hate it, too. Even when they’re in the middle of doing it.
If you’ve read Joe Vampire and Joe Vampire: The Afterlife, you’re all set to pick up with Joe Vampire: The New Paranormal. If you haven’t read The Afterlife, you’ll want to hit that one first…much of what happens in that one is referenced in the new book. And if you haven’t read either, book one is bargain-priced at .99, and book two is a sweet 2.99, which should catch you up for less than the cost of a Venti carmelattachocolinoccinoramalamadingdong thing at Starbucks.
It was a fun one to write. Hopefully, you’ll find it as much fun to read.
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