Weighing Comedic Merit vs Boobies

Maybe I’m just the old guy looking back fondly, but it seems the greatest comedies came out in the 80’s. Not just one or two but almost every classic funny movie hit around that decade. Yeah, I’m probably just playing the “kids these days” game but they really were the best. Alex seems to agree. 

I’m trying to remember how old I was when I watched “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” for the first time. I remember trading most of the dialog word for word with my older/wiser cousin. Some of the most body rattling belly laughs of my life.

As the father of a tween (I hate that word) who wants to see it, I find myself debating the merits of its spectacular hilariousness versus the dirty language and unclothed lady bits. Why was it okay for me to watch but it’s not quite right for my kids?

I watched “Animal House” when I was a kid. I think I turned out kind of alright. Will the movies of my youth corrupt the polite, kind hearted boys we’ve worked so hard to nurture and grow? Hell, we used to take the kids for dinner at Hooters all the time for cryin’ out loud!  (At my wife’s request by the way)


…Cue dramatic dissolve to a table in a crowded restaurant in Santa Monica, California…

Older minion (about 3 at the time) in his high chair, younger in his stroller next to my wife. Waitresses clothed in ultra tight tank tops and shorts so short you can tell if they’re Jewish.

“Aw. You’re such a cutie pie!” Waitress kisses older minion on the cheek. He smiles and giggles turning deep red.

Waitress turns to table behind us reaching over to retrieve empty glasses and plates. As she bends over, older minion sticks hand out pinching her on the buttocks.

“Hey!” Waitress turns with angry expression ready to slap the offender. Quickly she realizes the minion’s hand remains outstretched with a gleefully wicked grin. “You little bad boy.” Once again, she kisses the child.

I sit, mouth agape. Speechless at the wonderment of my sons achievement. If that hand were mine, I undoubtedly would have been swiftly removed from the premises never allowed to return. If not downright arrested for the chauvinistic act.


I don’t consider myself prudish or uptight. I have the mouth of a sailor and let’s face it, boobies are awesome! So why am I struggling with showing “racy” movies to my kids? The younger minion loves Mel Brooks’ films and they aren’t any dirtier than Monty Python. Checking on IMDB, Holy Grail is rated PG (but that’s 1970s-80s PG…). Maybe there will be some summer film fests in Casa de Kimmell after all.

Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

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