My kids pout like they’re trying out for the Olympics. They do it often. They do it quick. And, half the time I don’t even know what started the pout. Aside from gaining a place on the US Fit Throwing team, I never understand the reason for it.

It never gets them what they want because I’m “mean.” It drags everything to a halt and, if pouting in the middle of a parking lot, it puts lives in danger.

It frustrates me and I usually resort to sending them to their room. Logic can’t overcome the pout. There’s no way I’m giving in. Begging makes you look weak. Pouts feed off the negative and you don’t want to reinforce a pout. But, even ignoring it doesn’t really work (at least for me, because my kids decide right in the middle of a doorway and I need to get by).

But, here’s something I forget more often than I remember and it works every time:

Mock the pout. The pout is powerless against mockery.

I usually begin criticizing the pout—I question it’s form and execution. I tell them they can do better than that (it’s important to encourage your kids). I’ll give suggestions on posture—the arms must be folded tight, but no so tight that dramatic repositioning isn’t possible. If they give a hrrmph instead of a huff, well, that’s points off for lazy pouting.

Despite their best intentions, they will smile and it’s impossible to maintain a pout’s proper form when smiling as it’s foundation is built upon frowns and snits.

But, one smile won’t do it. Don’t underestimate the hardiness of a pout. If you truly love them, you must keep mocking your child for several minutes, but always be encouraging. 

It’s important to be encouraging. 

Some things you may have missed/ignored but shouldn’t have.

Fuel points(what’s this?)0. I forgot to wear it this week. So, you win. 

Reading (what’s this?): Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett. For a while now, I’ve been meaning to read some Hammett and Chandler. So far so good.

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  • reply Scarydad ,

    Today the Bride told me I use a different voice when I’m talking to my daughter than I do when I’m yelling at her.

    Not quite sure what to do with that information…

    • reply George Hilbert ,

      When I would babysit my grandkids and they would cry, scream or something similar, I would severely mock them. I would make it a contest, and show them that I could cry and scream louder, more melodically and with greater tone. It would not be long before we would all be literally rolling on the floor laughing. The source of the original cry would be forgotten. If I sent them to bed crying, they could continue for what seemed like hours, and worse, manage to look like they had been beaten and abused by the time their parents came home…

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