vs. The Lego Movie

I want to say I saw the Lego movie this weekend. And, I did technically see it. I sat in a theater with my family and watched the movie and it was great. But, I don’t think I can say I saw it. There is just so much going on always that I’m sure I missed most of the movie and most of the jokes.

Don’t get me wrong. I got all of the jokes that I saw. And a good deal of them were pointed directly at myself and the other parents in the theater. I didn’t hear my kids laugh at the Fabuland references and if 1980’s something space guy didn’t have a funny voice I can’t say they would have laughed at him.
The movie was CGI but it was CGI’d to look like stop motion animation. Perhaps this was aimed at the parents as well. I can’t be the only kid that took the camcorder and spent hours making movies with the creations I had made. If only I’d had the infinite collection the producers had.

And it was infinite. Every scene and every set looked to be made of thousands of pieces and characters. That’s why I know I didn’t see it all. Every scene was so full of action and detail that I have no doubt I missed a great deal. Like every kids movie, I’m sure it will play in my house again and again and again. But, this time I might actually watch it again and again to see what I missed.
Overall the movie was fun and inspiring. The kids haven’t stopped playing with Lego since we got home—yesterday. And, I want to dive in and play with them.
The only criticism I have is that it makes me feel sorry for Ben Affleck. No, he wasn’t in the movie, but Will Arnett’s Batman is simply untouchable and anyone who tries to play the caped crusade from here on out will always be compared to his performance.
Go see it but be warned you’ll want to buy Lego. Lots and lots of Lego. 

Some things you may have missed/ignored but shouldn’t have.

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  • reply youvebeenhooked ,

    I was supposed to see The LEGO Movie, but I let my daughter go with her bestie instead. At least I was able to live through you, Ben. Thank God for Dumb White Husband.
    You’re doing exemplary work as always, Ben
    I feel sorry for Batfleck as well – but for different reasons.

  • reply catherinelyonaddictedtodimes ,

    Hi Ben!
    It’s been too long since I’ve been by! Of course we have no kids, and I had no idea about this Lego movie I kept hearing about breaking Box Office records, but Thanks to you I now know!….LOL…I guess I better get my buns here more often to keep up with the Movie trends!
    *HAPPY Valentines Day Weekend* Author Catherine Lyon :-) :-)

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