Valentine’s Day sucks.

I wrote a song under that title back in my single days. It was a catchy little ditty. No, I won’t force you to listen to my whining and annoying groans of heartbreak. But back then, it definitely did suck…and not in the fun way. I hid myself away from the constant barrage of pink greeting cards, teddy bears, chocolate hearts and the fat little angel with his cheeky bow and arrow. I hated that smug punk. I’d curl up with my bottle of cheap bourbon, a few ice cubes and the most violent movie available on cable. Not the easiest task on that particular holiday.

For single people, Valentine’s Day can indeed suck. The entire experience is nothing but a reminder of being ALONE. Now that I’m older (I won’t say how much) and lucky enough to be married to a wonderful woman, February 14 unfortunately still exposes scars from the wounds inflicted during my single years. I sometimes forget how much it means to single out a day for expressing affection and passion for the person who chooses to put up with all of my crap.

Don’t ever forget Valentine’s Day fellas. No matter how loudly your wife/girlfriend denounces anything related to that chubby cherubic archery enthusiast. Don’t allow any of her protestations of “You tell me you love me every day” or “We don’t need to plan anything” to persuade you from fulfilling your husbandly duty.

Not that I would or have ever done anything of that nature myself of course. 


I’m not that stupid. (Yes I am)

I love you honey! J
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  • reply Michelle Gillies ,

    I would have to concur. A simple verbal, “Happy Valentine’s Day” would have been appreciated. Someone in my house is in the dog house.

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