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Being handy is expected of a husband. In fact it’s written into most state wedding licenses because they don’t expect you to read the whole thing. Some husbands are naturals and for the rest there’s Scarydad. He’s always been handy and he’s here to share his tips on everything from appliance repair to gardening to yard art worthy of any dumb white husband.  

 Well, that time has come again: time to start getting stuff ready for Halloween. If you’re one of those people who gets angry when you see Halloween stuff in stores the day after Labor Day, you may not like this one. (But also, Dude, they always put the Halloween stuff out the day after Labor Day. Chill out.)

Every year I try to make some sort of new and different decoration for my yard and that means I have to start early. Last year I made this:

Nightmare Before Christmas

This project took about four weeks to complete. This year I want to do a couple of projects that aren’t seven feet tall and super-detailed like this one was. I haven’t quite decided on what exactly I’m going to do, but one thing is for certain, I need to get back into practice drawing and painting. I always do a few “scratch” projects on scrap wood just to get the juices flowing.

So last week some buddies and I went to Houston Comic Con and it seemed like everyone there was dressed as Deadpool.
Who’s Deadpool you may ask? He’s a super-insane ninja assassin with a really sweet red suit. And he’s the character that inspired tonight’s project.

First, I found a reference pic and a scrap of plywood. I believe this scrap was left over from the Nightmare Before Christmas project above.

Did a bit of sketching, then when I was happy I sanded away the pencil marks I didn’t need.

With other characters I would pay closer attention to symmetry, but Deadpool is pretty crazy and is often drawn with lopsided expressions. I felt that drawing him a bit crooked would add character.

I decided to change the right eye a bit to have it match the left a little more closely. I don’t have the talent to make it look like he has an eyebrow raised under the mask. Mine would just look like I couldn’t draw two eyes the same size, so I fixed that.

Adding final touches, waiting for paint to dry, and added a hook on the back so I can hang him up. Now just need to find a spot to put him…

Bride will be so thrilled!

I was pretty happy with the way that this came out. Not bad for about 45 minutes worth of work over a couple of beers.
I’ll be in touch with the Halloween project(s) soon.

Any ideas? Anything you would like to see me tackle? Let me know in the comments.

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