DWH Luna here. One of my side projects is an art endeavor called Awonder. The Awonder philosophy holds that magic is a matter of perspective: if you’re looking correctly, you’ll find it everywhere. We’ve found it in the spirit of an extraordinary young man facing a life-altering challenge with heart and humor and faith to spare.

Carson Tueller is a classically-trained flautist and the friend of a friend (Justin Elswick, who many of you know from his musical project, Sleepthief). Carson was paralyzed in a terrible mishap late last year and is now engaged in intensive physical therapy to regain feeling, strength and mobility. He’s been brave enough to share his progress and document the truth about his situation through blog updates and videos that can be followed via a Facebook page created just for this purpose: facebook.com/prayforcarsontueller. Head over and check it out. You’ll be amazed when you see Carson’s grit and determination – and, yes, humor; he personifies the notion that if you can find laughter in your circumstance, you can overcome it. His positivity is inspirational to everyone who witnesses it.

In his honor, Awonder has created The Music of Hope, an image of a storybook piper singing up the sunrise with his tune, bearing the text, “Even in the strains of utter silence, one can still find the music of hope.” Carson has found this music, and because of him, so have we. We believe he has great music of his own to share, and we’d like to do our small part to help him become well again so he can bring it to the world.

To help defray family costs for Carson’s care, prints (8” x 10” – $22.00) and greeting cards ($5.95) bearing the Music of Hope image and text are now available through Fine Art America. Profits from all sales will benefit Carson and the Tueller family as they continue with his care and rehabilitation. Additionally, there will be an original 8” x 10” painting of the image available for auction in the next few weeks. More information to come.

Please consider picking up a print or card to help the cause, and feel free to share this information and pass the links as far around the internet as you can. Carson and his family have a long road ahead; as determined as he is, we have no doubt he’ll be walking it soon, and we can’t wait to see it happen.
See the piece at Fine Art America

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