The Hunt for Whiskey Beans, Pt 1

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It’s difficult to imagine a time in history before the cultivation of the mighty coffee bean. It was most likely bleak and everyone was cranky. Thankfully, we live in a civilized time where our biggest problem is choosing our favorite bean and brew that gets us through our day. Doing this through bleary eyes is a challenge but Jason is up to it.

 So a few weeks back the Head DWH In Charge brought this little video to my attention:

Garland-based Lakewood Brewery collaborated with Noble Coyote Roasters to answer one of life’s greatest mysteries: what would happen if someone took young, green coffee beans and aged them for four months in bourbon barrels used to make milk stout?

The answer?  Well, I simply have no idea.

You see, I was initially gung ho about getting some of these beans and trying the coffee.  And then last week one of my absolute favorite watering holes in Denton Texas, Oak Street Drafthouse and Cocktail Parlor, announced that on Friday they would be tapping Lakewood’s French Quarter Temptress.  Now, there are few opportunities received in life where one might indulge in drinking roasted coffee that aged in bourbon for a quarter of a year.  And when that fortunate moment arises, one must definitely get around to enjoying it.  However, when you take those same beans and utilize them in BEER?  Well man, now you’re speaking my language!

Unfortunately I underestimated the town o’ my alma mater’s dedication to tapping a keg, because when I arrived Sunday afternoon to get down, I was told they killed it they day they got it.  Alas, I was left with no choice but to further my ‘research’ by trying Lakewood’s Temptress milk stout, sans whiskey beans.  And while I was admittedly a tad forlorn at my missed opportunity to try this beer with whiskey-aged java, the beer itself is no joke.  I’ve always been pretty fond of stouts anyway.  Back in college one of my other favorite watering holes would host a $2 Import Night on Tuesdays, and I began ordering Black and Tans until I realized I’d be much happier if I just drank the Tan part.  Something about the bold, thick, flavorful concoction still reminds me a bit of coffee, to the degree where up until this weekend I was convinced coffee was a common ingredient when it comes to making stouts or porters.  However, further (actual) research proved stouts, like most beer, is only comprised of 4 ingredients: barley (or in this case, roasted malt,) yeast, hops, and water.  Anything else is merely filler.

So I washed the milk stout down with a beer titled Devil’s Backbone (c’mon, OF COURSE I’m gonna drink something with a name like that,) and moved on to Plan B: head over to Central Market and try this whiskey-infused chocolate coffee I saw there the other day whilst picking up some beloved Kenya Peaberry.  You read that right; I was so obsessed with trying a mélange of coffee and bourbon flavoring that I looked past the fact that there was CHOCOLATE in the stupid drink.

It tasted like a whiskey-soaked Tootsie Roll.

I don’t mean to describe that in any GOOD way.

The hunt continues.


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    don’t forget about the Highlander Grogg coffee beans

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