Nothing says “Help support indie authors!” like buying a t-shirt.
And nothing says “Buy this t-shirt!” like having a curly mustache on the front.

Wait. Let’s back up a bit.

Fellow Dumb White Husbands Clayton Smith and I (Steven Luna) are in all kinds of rocket-launching mode with our new venture Dapper Press, a publishing services company aimed at helping indie authors turn their craft into art. But this rocket needs a little fuel, and nothing fuels a rocket better than t-shirts, right?

Okay…that one might need a little clarification.

To help fund our start-up costs, we’ve launched a Teespring campaign – it’s kind of like Kickstarter, but for t-shirt sales. If we reach 50 pledges of our classy mustache t-shirt, we make our campaign goal – woohoo! If we make our goal, everyone who pledges $15 toward a t-shirt actually receives said t-shirt. With a mustache on the front. Because mustaches are cool and classy, and so are t-shirts. And you will be too, if you wear this bad boy to any formal occasions that call for mustaches, t-shirts, and no ties.

But that’s not all!

Everyone who pledges a shirt also receives a Li’l Selfie, a cartoon version of him- or herself wearing said t-shirt to spiffy up his or her social media presence. Bam!

But there’s even more!

We have a little over a day to finish out our campaign…we need eight more pledges to make it. Anyone pledging from now through the end of the campaign will ALSO receive ALL THREE OF STEVEN’S JOE VAMPIRE NOVELS FOR KINDLE as well as CLAYTON’S NOVEL APOCALYPTICON AND HIS SHORT-STORT COLLECTION, PANTS ON FIRE. Whoa – that’s a lot of caps! But it’s a lot of swag you’ll bet getting for your $15 pledge.

The caps are totally appropriate in this case.

So fire up your clicker, and head to and log your pledge! Nothing says “I’m in!” like using the internet to help indie authors help other indie authors while pulling in a sweet stash of books and a sweet ‘stache tee in one swoop.

And nothing says “Thank you for your support!” better than a bunch of bonus stuff from the guys who truly appreciate the love from everyone who’s stepped up to help. You guys are the cat’s ‘stache (we might have made that up just for the occasion).

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