werewolf body

The Care and Feeding of Super Heroes and Beauty Queens

Let me be the first to say that I never thought I’d be interested in something as boring as food. I am not a foodie.  Five years ago if you’d asked me what my final meal would be if I was a death row inmate I would have told you a McDonald’s Number Four – […] Read more

Getting Started. Werewolves, Cavemen and the C-Word.

If you happened to see last week’s post you already know that, from the beginning, my fitness goal was inextricably tied to the werewolf species.  This week’s post talks about what came next. Lots of people ask me how I did it. How I got to how I am today and how I keep it up […] Read more

Introducing the Guy With No Shirt

So, I recently discovered I’ve become “that guy.” And, it’s weird because I think we all try pretty hard not to be him. But I am. And now that I am I think I’ll go with it, because it’s really not half bad.  It started innocently enough with a chick-flick and a new year’s resolution. Which […] Read more