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The News Is Now Like A Movie

I posted the other day that watching the news was like watching a GDI or NOD cut scene. This was a very specific joke for a very specific handful of Command and Conquer fans (wink!), but I wanted to include more of you Gen Pop in my observation. Watching updates about anything “IS” related has […] Read more

The Arms Race: First Day of School Version

“Wait, when did back-to-school become such a big deal?” Hop in my text-based time machine back to my first day of public school at Jamestown Elementary in 1984. I walked by myself to the bus ¼ mile away, rode the shocks-free vehicle listening to Air Supply, wearing ill-fitting clothes from either Sears or Miller’s outpost, […] Read more

The USA vs Futbol

Today is Thursday July 27th. For you, 12:00 PM (EST) will either mean “aw yeah, lunch time! Where’s my sammich and Little Debbie?” or “USA! USA! USA! Our country seems to have finally tipped from flirting with soccer to potentially, maybe, I dunno – possibly having a one-night stand with the game. That or “we […] Read more


If everything you truly need to know in life is learned in kindergarten, then my 6-year old boy is officially ready to take on the world. Yes, young master Benjamin “graduated” from kindergarten last week and his mom and I were there to share proud glances at each other as if we were in a […] Read more

Zen and the Art of Concert-going

Quick disclosure, this is not a music review. And I am not a music-head, or even an avid concert-goer. My only qualifications are: I enjoy music, I enjoy the occasional concert, and I am a human who observes things. With that, I present to you my time at a recent Phantogram concert!Let’s get my endorsement […] Read more

Using Your Brains Before They’re Eaten

Last weekend my improv friends from Pavlov’s Dogs and our spouses set out on an adventure. No, we didn’t go to a craft beer tasting, or ride around town in a karaoke limo. We were locked in a room with a zombie and had 60 minutes to solve riddles in order to escape. Spoiler: we all […] Read more

The Tip-Off: NBA Game With A 6 Year Old

I have a confession to make: the last ticket to a sports event I purchased was in 2000. And it was $16 with a discount Dr. Pepper can to watch a pretty terrible Dallas Mavericks team led by a young schnitzel named Dirk.All the other times? Free tickets. I have been the recipient of a […] Read more

Life As A Single Dad (exhibition match)

Let’s get to know me a little bit better. I’m in my mid-30’s, live in the DFW area and have been blissfully married for almost 12 years. The fruits of my marriage come in the forms of Benjamin (6) and Aaron (2). Most people use terms like “blissfully” with some level of sarcasm, but I […] Read more

Observations at 30,000 ft.

My life as a creative in advertising often requires me to fly around the country. Let me stop you before your imagination takes you to the place people often go when thinking about the advertising world. Which is usually a mishmash of Mad Men and scenes from Studio 54. I think those days went away about […] Read more

The Hunger Games Are Cooler Than The Olympic Games

Whoa, whoa ,whoa – before you get your underthings in a twist, let me explain. I am not condoning the open-air melee of preteens vying for a chance to smite at each other in order to earn food for their homeland. Nor am I diminishing the efforts and sacrifices made by the finely tuned humans […] Read more

Word of the Day: Rumspringa

The Amish are an interesting and often misunderstood people. Especially when our greatest point of reference for them is the movie Kingpin. A tradition that most populations of Amish observe is called Rumspringa. Despite sounding like something that happens in March at Daytona Beach, it is a time where adolescent Amish are given the opportunity […] Read more