mr whiskey

Yukon Jackin’ with the C. Horse

Forget your weak music and worse drink, all dead taste and restraint soulless of force Life is a fifth of Yukon Jack, -Neil Young and the eternal Crazy HorseIt was a well past midnight on a Tuesday night in the early/almost spring of 1996.  I was peacefully slumbering away when I was rudely awakened by the […] Read more

Keep Your Hands Off My K. Creek

I’m free with my booze and will let you wet your beak Unless you put your grimy hands on my Knob CreekAfter many travels, when I finally made it to Kentucky I was convinced that I would never leave. It’s a beautiful, laid back place where you can kick back and check out from the […] Read more

Don’t Even Ask – Highland Mist

When drinks abound till you are right pissed Chunk it, spread it, time for Highland Mist The line between an outright crime against nature and something so bad that it’s fascinating is often hard to distinguish. The case could be made for New Coke, “Jersey Shore”, anything relating to any Kardashian (including Lamar Kardashian’s play […] Read more

How High? Ten High!

Wide, open clear Texas night deer-chicken fry High plains drifters, wild horses and Ten High After my best friend Lord Seamus passed on and I learned to partake of the Western Hemisphere whiskey/bourbon milieu, I went a little (ok, very) hog wild.  Not that I was/am particularly discriminating, but even by my standards I kind […] Read more

Howlin’ on the Crow

When your troubles in this fallen world grow and grow Blast them all away with heaps of The Wolf ‘n Crow Far too many people never get to fulfill their destinies. When you see someone who is a genius in their field, you’re witnessing fate at its most noble level. Watching Neil Young make ears […] Read more

Who’s Your Daddy?

Jack, Jim, Maker’s, Ten High, Gold Johnny Walker’sAll bow before my Old Granddad’s Straight TalkerI hate it when outsiders start pontificating about the history of my fair island and ranking the leaders we’ve had there. Especially the British. That said, I feel that the Yanks are severely delusional in ranking their Presidents. With the advent […] Read more

The Crown of Canada

When those we love bestare dead and gone, Crown gives comfortfor loss to the beyond. I’ll admit it, I had a lot of doubts about whiskey from the Western Hemisphere.  No offense, but Scotland and Ireland are the true source of all good libations from which the rest of God’s Earth takes succor and nothing will […] Read more

How the Hell Do You Drink Rum?

Even the lowest scrapings of a pirate’s grog Is the sweetest heavenly burn in my eggnog. What is up with you Yanks and your pirates? Don’t get me wrong, Johnny Depp seems like a good dude, especially for an American. He was damn cool in at least the first of what I’m sure will be […] Read more