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The Sweet Stuff

Luna’s got special treat for us all today. It’s an excerpt from his latest story, Joe Vampire: Halloweenie. One aspect of Halloween that even vampiration couldn’t mow over for me is the edibles, naturally. Now that I own a home, I’ve been on both sides of the trick-or-treating door, and of course, I’ve overthought the […] Read more

Movie Review: Transcendence

**SPOILER ALERT: I pretty much tell you everything that happened in the movie, so you might want to click away now if you’re not into that kind of thing.** So I watched Transcendence over the weekend, that movie where Johnny Depp plays a genius dude with the oh-so-clever name of Will Caster (GET IT, AUDIENCE? […] Read more

The Rain Rain Rain Came Down

Editor’s Note: When it rains, we go inside. When it floods, we go to the store and buy bleach for some reason. But what do you do when you’re a tortoise? You don’t need bleach. You’re a tortoise. So where do you go when the heavens open up? After the flooding in Arizona, Steven Luna […] Read more

It’s a Good Stupid – A Little Behind in Pop Music

I don’t listen to popular radio much. I like to think I’m slightly more discerning than to listen to songs that are currently well-liked; I’d rather listen to songs that used to be well-liked but are now only remembered as Pandora fodder, thank you very much. But I also think it’s important to get in […] Read more

Poke Yourself Out

We hauled out the family DVDs the other night and stepped back in time to watch the Lunalings as they were a decade ago. I was amazed at how happy they looked. They’ve always been cheerful kids, but unless we just didn’t capture the bad times (which we may not have) all we have is […] Read more

The Big Finish

The best part of writing a book is getting a solid running start. Also: the part in the middle, after you realize you have enough material to tell a whole story. Also also: the part at the end, when you realize that not only have you written the whole thing, but you can look at […] Read more

Bumper Thumper

So there I was, having a typical work week Thursday, driving a friend to a company-sponsored kickball game in the middle of the afternoon. Typical as used in this sentence actually means “in no way typical.”  That word is tricky sometimes. Anyway, so I’m tooling down the road with my buddy in tow, and we […] Read more

Flock You

Over the weekend, the Luna household grew by two. And no, we didn’t have twins. Those days are long over. Unless we find a kid growing in our garden like Jennifer Garner did in that movie a few years ago, we have all the kids we’re going to. Instead, we acquired birds – a set […] Read more

Passing the (Human) Torch

I’ve been noticing more and more elements of myself emerging in my kids as they grow up. I can’t take total credit for their developing sarcasm; that one comes from both ends of the gene pool. The flat feet have been there from the beginning, so that’s not really “emerging” as Webster’s defines it (the […] Read more

Stranger in the House

There I was, Kenpo-ing in my living room, kicking imaginary intruders back to the hellmouth they crawled out of with Tony Horton rooting me on in my TV set (do we still call it a “set”, or is that not necessary anymore?) when a stranger walked down the stairs. She was tall and elegantly-dressed, and looked […] Read more

The Fax of Life: a Bonus Joe Vampire Short

DWHLuna here, hard at work on a bunch of new written projects, the biggest and boldest of which is refreshing the Joe Vampire Series. Soon, there will be new covers, new short stories and bonus features and a new full-length novel. And another one after that, too. For now, I’ve stumbled upon a bonus post […] Read more