Like a good little nerd I was tuned into the livestream of Apple’s announcement like some or most of you this week – on my Apple cinema display, plugged into my MacBook Pro, sitting next to my iPhone 5, while my iPad was charging on the shelf below.

I ain’t rich, half of that is company supplied, but I definitely have bought into the Apple ecosystem of tech, and have streamed similar announcements to learn about new functions in the next iOS update that I’ll never use. And it has been fun in a weird way.
But it felt different this week,
the shiny veneer of newest/latest/bestest tech was tarnished a bit. And it happened in one distinct moment right after the AppleWatch video.
They cut back to the audience and the entire room is on their feet, everyone is hugging, no doubt there were tears in some eyes – I see this an think, “did I black out and miss something?” Did they announce a radical new ApplePill that cures cancer, or that they had secretly established AppleBase on Mars? Because I’m prettysure they just showed off a watch.
I shook my head and said out loud to the group around me, “how far we’ve come as a people to be able to celebrate a company that just made… a watch.” Delivered with pitch-perfect sarcasm, btw.
While the weight of things like ISIS, Ebola, drought, crazy dictators, volcanoes, whatever rests on the world’s shoulders – by golly we just saw a video about a $349.99 watch that can show me a text message (transmitted from the iPhone in my pocket).
I’m going to stop here before I turn into an ol’ crank talking about how young people today don’t even know what the word sacrifice means. Because, I love what young people bring to the table.
And I don’t want to sound like the other end of the spectrum where we forgo all technology and live in trees. Because, that’s just weird.
I guess my simple, unsolicited advice is that we all recalibrate a bit, and make sure that we aren’t wasting our first-rate enthusiasm on second-rate causes.
(Editor’s note – Dale is due for a phone upgrade)
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  • reply George Hilbert ,

    This is the first device that is completely separated from the “Jobs Era”. I think fans want it to be as if nothing has changed and that Apple is just as innovated as they have always been. It takes a cynic to see that the Emperor has no clothes on….

    Lest you ignore me as a “Fandroid’, I own and have owned IOS devices since the beginning. I also own Android, Windows, and others….I see them as tools, plain and simple……I am a career electrician. I do not ever remember any of my tools being so honored by the industry and users, no matter how innovative….(I have visions of becoming teary-eyed at the idea of a new pair of wire-cutters.)

    • reply Benjamin Wallace ,

      I agree with you and Dale. I wasn’t too impressed that they released exactly what Wall Street has been insisting they release. I want iHome or the iDog or both. The fact that my fridge cannot talk to my dog has been an issue for years. Apple could have solved it but nope here’s a watch that talks to your phone. My phone that I keep well within reach in my iPocket.

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