Something a Bit Different

In the interest of purging the manic creative impulse that doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone, I don’t just write ridiculous things; I draw and paint them, too. 
Granted, the imagery is slightly less ridiculous than the wordcraft…tends toward a more storybook fantasy-slash-surrealism-slash-“what was in those brownies and why do I feel so relaxed?” illustrational style. I’ve kept these worlds pretty separate for a while, but now they’re kind of mashing together. 

World: meet Otherworld. 
Works for me.

You can find many of these works over at Steven Luna Illustration. To be fair, there’s definite wordplay in some of these sketches and drawings and paintings, though it’s nothing like what I put in my novels or on DWH. Sort of philosophical musings and somewhat inspirational texts. Some of these are quotations that I’ve come up with on my own. Others were created by my friend and creative partner Gustavo Martin Chambrillon. He does the lion’s share of the writing, and he’s great at it, which is a fantastic change of pace for me. I can focus on the visual, while he knocks the verbal elements out of the park. Collectively, we’re calling the whole collaboration AwonderWe have art books planned, and prints and other assorted fun stuff to go along with them. There’s a video trailer that captures the spirit of it all. Check it out here.

The underlying theme of Awonder is that magic is a matter of vision; that if you assume the right vantage and exercise your own power, you can find wonder in just about everything. And to that end, Awonder will be undertaking some projects that serve to benefit others, sort of stirring up a little magic of our own. Details for these will be coming very soon. To find out more, follow the page on Facebook. We’ll certainly keep you up-to-date at the Husband, too.

Next week: back to ridiculous stuff.

I promise.

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