Scarydad vs. The Washing Machine

Hello everyone and welcome to issue #1 of Scarydad’s D.I.M. column. Premiere issues go for a lot of money on the collector market so I suggest you buy several copies and keep them in mint condition. I’m pretty sure this will be worth lots of money some day.
Let’s begin, shall we? 
I like to do stuff. I like to make stuff and fix stuff, and I like to read books and magazines about making and fixing and doing stuff. I always have a project or two in the works or on the board. It’s a hobby of mine and I’m here to share it with you. If at all possible, I do it myself. And I usually do a good job of it.

Last weekend’s project was to fix the washing machine. It had a leak and would just drip into the basket, so once the clothes were clean, it would soak them again. Very annoying. So I looked online and found a place that sold parts and I ordered a water inlet valve replacement. Then I drank some beer. This project couldn’t be completed until the parts arrived so I was free to go play or take a nap or something. 
The part arrived a few days later but we happened to be at the hospital welcoming our second daughter. Then the holidays happened, then it got cold as balls and I was obligated to view dozens of amateur photos of snow and ice on Facebook for a few days. I only just got back around to looking at the washer again this past Saturday.
I went to my trusty internet and found a great instructional video on how to actually replace this valve thing. Although not as entertaining as many of the videos available on the internet, it was informative and so armed with said information, I gathered my tools and set out to make that washer my bitch. 


I did as directed and was pleasantly surprised to find everything they talked about in the video to be exactly the way it was in the machine. There was no unexpected weirdness, no jammed parts or stripped screws. This was, in fact, easy- almost too good to be true. I found and removed the old valve and…



What the hell is this? This doesn’t look the same at all! Mine has this other electric contact thing on it that the replacement does not. So I emailed the company and they said that the part I needed and the part I had were not the same and the correct one was twice as much and I could send back the wrong one for credit. I put the washing machine back together and mopped up all the water that had leaked and put it all back the way it was, still broken. 
When stuff like that happens I like to quote The Stranger: “Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar, well, heeats you.
Oh well, I hope you’ll join me some time in the future for part 2 of fixing the damn washing machine.

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  • reply Anonymous ,

    Wow. You guys have outdone yourselves this time. This is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces of writing on the internet. Good job!

    • reply Anonymous ,

      Enjoyable read. :) Too bad you don’t have a local parts supplier instead of having to order it online….

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