Save your photos, marriage.

As parents we all seem to be taking a decent amount of pictures - mostly of our kids, with the occasional landscape shot for posterity (and maybe a few of our spouse when we’re trying to catch them off guard).  And why not?  Back when we were kids, our parents had to spend a few moments deciding if this particular shot was worth expending 1/36 of their film.  Now we can use high-speed multi-shot cameras to take 10 pictures before we can blink and then delete the 9 that we don’t like.
All of this means that our hard drives are accumulating a massive quantity of pictures. Storing the pictures isn’t a problem because the hard drives seem to get larger each year.  No, our current problem is how to keep our spouses from killing us if all the pictures get destroyed.
That’s right. We need to talk about backups.

The fastest and easiest way these days to ensure your own continuing existence is with an online backup service.  There are many good services, and the top ones right now are Backblaze and Crashplan, but this isn’t a review.  This is a call to action!  With the going rates around $6 per month, don’t even think twice.  Shop around, read some reviews, but commit to your own peace of mind and ongoing marriage by choosing one.  Preferably today.
The next step, after you’ve signed up to one of the services, is to shut up.  Don’t tell anyone that you’re backing up your computer until the initial offsite backup is complete, most of all don’t tell your spouse.  Why?  Because your computer will hear you, and it will crash.  This isn’t even a crazy theory, it’s just fact, and I call it “the perversity of technology”.  If you tell your spouse you’ve started backing up the computer, and then it fails the next day, you will be in deep trouble for not starting backups a few weeks ago.
Once your backup is complete and you have the green light from whichever service you’ve chosen, only then can you tell your spouse and start getting the credit that you so richly deserve.  Go ahead, bask in your glory, and make faces at your computer knowing that even if it crashes out of spite, you’ll be fine.
About the author:
Todd Trann has been programming computers since 1983, and is a self-proclaimed geek and Dumb White Husband. He has been backing up his computer ever since he got married. You can find him on Twitter at @toddtrann.
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