Read or be Stupid: I am Legend


Reading is important. It makes you less dumb, it improves your memory and it makes you less dumb. We want to encourage reading so we’ll be posting book reviews here from time to time. Check them out and read, or be stupid.

Review by Scarydad

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Hello there all you happy people. Today we have a brief review and recommend of one of the greatest stories of the apocalyptic fiction genre: Richard Matheson’s wonderful I am Legend.

Published in 1954, Legend is both a vampire and a zombie apocalypse novel and is regarded as a major influence on George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. There have been several film adaptations, including Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, and I am Legend.

Robert Neville is the lone survivor of a plague that has wiped out humanity. Those who died from the plague have been reanimated as mindless zombies. Victims who have not yet succumbed have been transformed into blood-craving vampires. By day, Neville scavenges for food, fuel, and supplies and kills vampires. By night, he hides in his fortified home while the vampires surround the house and taunt him, trying to lure him outside.

I won’t tell you anymore because you need to read it to keep from being stupid. You need to read this book. Don’t bother with the movies, and don’t assume that because you’ve seen the movies that you know what’s going on. There are scenes in the book that are nowhere in any of the films, but are, however, included in other stories in the genre. One example is in the plot episode of The Walking Dead: The scene with Rick and Morgan in the house at night watching the Dead wander the streets is straight out of Legend. When I saw that for the first time I was like, “Oh Snap!” And I don’t say things like, “Oh Snap.” That’s how impressed I was with my own deep knowledge of zombie literature.

You should read it too and you’ll not only be less dumb, but you’ll also be more smart.

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