Read or Be Stupid: Salem’s Lot

Reading is important. It makes you less dumb, it improves your memory and it makes you less dumb. We want to encourage reading so we’ll be posting book reviews here from time to time. Check them out and read, or be stupid. 

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Review by Scarydad

I guess it’s a throwback to my school days but I always feel like a good scary novel right about this time of year. I normally read something new, but I think I’m going to go back and reread ‘Salem’s Lot. There’s just something about that story that keeps bringing me back.

The story is about vampires. Not sparkly, sexy, or cute vampires; real vampires. Cold, dead, ruthless, evil, damned, float outside your window and beg to be let in so they can drink your blood and steal your soul freakin’ SCARY vampires.

The story centers on a writer named Ben who has come home to Jerusalem’s Lot to write a novel. There is a mansion on a hill where a murder-suicide took place decades ago and where, as a child, Ben experienced a vision of terror. It’s been abandoned for years but about the same time that Ben moves back, someone has taken up residence in the old structure.

Without giving anything away or spoiling any part of the plot, the new resident is a vampire. Coincidentally to his arrival, a strange wasting illness begins infecting the townsfolk. One by one they succumb and they never realize there’s a problem until after it’s too late. Of course, it’s a Stephen King novel so you can expect plenty of good scares, suspense, and quick pacing. This is one of those books that’s difficult to put down, even when you’re huddled in a corner hiding from monsters.

I first read ‘Salem’s Lot in high school and I have to admit there were scenes that made me keep my feet under the covers even though I was uncomfortably hot. I’ve read it a couple of times since then and it holds up. Classic King is the best. It’s one of the few books I’ve ever reread and it’s the only one I’ve ever read three times. If you’ve never read it, and even if you have read it, I highly suggest you pick up a copy.

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