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The Book: Ready to Kill

The Author: Andrew Peterson
The Gist: Bestselling author Andrew Peterson is back with a heart-stopping fourth installment of his wildly popular Nathan McBride series. When a mysterious note referencing a top-secret US operation is tossed over the wall of the embassy in Nicaragua, Nathan McBride and his old pal Harv are called out of retirement by CIA Director Rebecca Cantrell and sent to Central America. Cantrell wants the situation resolved quickly and knows that Nathan is the man to do it; after all, he has a history with the place. The jungle he and Harv are about to land in is the same one that Nathan barely escaped with his life decades before, an ordeal that left him physically and psychologically scarred. To make it out alive a second time, Nathan will have to face down his own demons and square off with a ruthless killer who learned from the best, Nathan himself.

The Review: The Nathan McBride series is one of those series that I pick up and read no matter what I have on my reading pile. I love this series and everything about it.
The main character Nathan McBride has been through more than any man should ever be expected to go through. On a mission he was captured and tortured for months with no rescue or escape in sight. Beaten and broken Nathan found his way out of that torture and retired from being a sniper and settled in with his spotting partner, Harv doing private security work. Every case Nathan has ever taken has tested him and pushed him to be the best man, security agent and sniper he could possibly be.

But no mission will test Nathan like the mission he is being called in to do by CIA Director Rebecca Cantrell. What she asks Nathan to do is like asking a bleeding and wounded person to swim in a pool of hungry and agitated sharks. She wants to send him to the place where all his nightmares began, Nicaragua. The place where he thought he would die. The place where a part of him did die. Nathan isn’t the type of man to say no to a call from the Director. Especially when he knows what she’s asking.

Not many characters impress as me as much as Nathan McBride. In fact the only character that I think I would put ahead of him in skill, perseverance, tenacity, and all around awesomeness is Dirk Pitt from Clive Cussler. Yes Nathan is that good.

I have loved and devoured every book with Nathan falling even more in love with this tortured soul and his amazing skills to survive and endure. In Ready to Kill I got to witness Nathan’s incredible strength, yet again. Nathan is on point as he enters the Nicaraguan jungle to a place where he knows he shouldn’t be, but he can’t say no to this mission. This one is personal. Perhaps a little too personal. Nathan pushes himself further and harder than ever before and puts himself and Harv at risk when it was never even asked.

The Nathan McBride series is one hell of an action packed series. It always leaves me on the edge of my seat as I witness Nathan in physical and mental battle. But of all the Nathan McBride books Ready to Kill was probably my least favorite. Though it was action packed I felt that the best action in this book probably happens towards the end of the mission. When usually the entire book is filled with action like this I had to wait until the end to get the action I thirsted for. One thing that marks Nathan as such a strong character are the demons he struggles to fight day in and day out. In Ready to Kill I felt like those demons didn’t haunt him as much as they should have considering he was in the same jungle where it happened. I expected to see him truly battle his inner darkness at least more than he did.

Now don’t get me wrong I still really enjoyed the story and will read the next installment from Andrew Peterson. I still think that Andrew Peterson is a genius in his creation of this series. Ready to Kill, like all the Nathan McBride books is a wonderfully crafted story that takes you into the dark heart and mind of a killer. While also putting you into the mind of a man who with the right push could become a killer. But that is why Nathan is an incredible character, why this series is wonderful and will remain on top of my to-read list, Nathan always fights the darkness. He always battles the demon inside and finds the will to live, persevere, and endure.

If you haven’t already experienced a Nathan McBride book you need to. If you like action, suspense, thrills, all with a military flare, Ready to Kill is definitely the book for you. I dare you to take the jump.

Favorite Character Moment: “This showdown in the dark would become the ultimate test of wills. Who would blink first and turn on the lights?” (Kindle, pg. 308)

I picked this as my favorite moment because like I said above, I’m an action junkie and this moment above takes place right in the thick of it. And I loved it! This is why Nathan is an awesome character. Why I will always read this series.

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