The Power Rangers School Of Fashion


I will never be on the cover of GQ. My fashion sense is quite similar to that of many other geeky folk, consisting of some pop-culture T-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts. If it’s cold, maybe a themed hoodie or something.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t put any thought behind it.

About 7 years ago, I found a really neat pair of New Balance shoes for twenty bucks on clearance. They were bright red with black soles, with a red mesh wrapped over a reflective inner layer. (They would glow when looked at from the right angle.) I bought those shoes, for they were so awesome.

Now it left me with a problem: I could only wear those shoes if I had a red shirt, or at least had red in it. The OCD part of me felt they would have looked weird otherwise. Karin insisted that they looked weird no matter what I wore them with, but I didn’t care because GLOWING REFLECTIVE SHOES.


About 6 years ago, there was a sale at Tokyoflash. I’d eyed their blinky LED space watches for quite some time and been intrigued by the nifty ways they tell time without numbers. I picked up one that told the time digit-by-digit with glowing red bars, even though it looks like a randomly flashing panel on a Star Trek set.

1 Red Watch

The first day I wore that watch, again the OCD part of me felt I should match it with my glowy red shoes and a red shirt. See? Thought behind my style!

As time went on, I acquired other blinky watches and funky shoes, always coordinating outfits by color. Say… Blue, for example.

2 Blue Example


I have this system so set that I have all my shirts organized by color in my closet. I waste very little time deciding what to wear in the morning. However it eventually dawned on me that there are other people who dress in outfits coordinated entirely by color:


3 Power Rangers

When in plain clothes, the Power Rangers all dress according to their morphin color. ALL THE TIME. (Seriously, the teens of Angel Grove did a lousy job of trying to keep their identities secret.) Ever since this epiphany, I’ve referred to my style as The Power Rangers School Of Fashion.

So yeah, I may not be GQ material. But has a GQ model ever saved the earth while piloting a giant robot? I thought not.

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