A Ponderance:(In which the Dad must relay thoughts upon bad behavior of his spawn and the validity of punishmental conundrums)

What does One do when One discovers that One’s teenaged child has been misappropriating the truth and acting dubiously behind One’s backside?

One might choose to journey through the behind property thickets for a thorny shrubbery with which One can scar the tender flesh of said spawn’s behind.


One might discuss the concept of honesty and Trust (note the capital “T”) thereby creating an educational and bonding experience which might rise as a proverbial Phoenix from the ashes of One’s broken heartednessness.


One could (not so) simply remove access from every single solitary electronic device, television remote, video game, Magic The Gathering deck, telephone conversation (Unless said call is connecting with the prisoner’s Grammy ‘cuz we don’t want to piss her off), thus instilling a monk-like time period of reflection and meditation only to be disturbed by homework and household chore doings.


One could select various items from the aforementioned lists of parenting choices and then write about it on a blog in a pretentious and annoying tone in which One refers to Oneself in the third person.


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