Overheard in the Dugout

If this conversation overheard in the dugout at last night’s game doesn’t prove that I am father of the year, I don’t know what will… 
Kid 1    “I threw my arm out.”

Minion “How?” – Minion 

Kid 1     “With the ball. On that last play.”  

Minion   “That sucks.” – Minion

Kid 1     “Yeah. It really hurts.”

Kid 2       “What do we do?”  

Kid 1        “I don’t know.”

Minion    “Let me help.”  

Kid 2        “Be careful.” 
Minion      “Let’s stretch it a little.”  

Kid 1         “Ow.”

Minion       “Sorry.”   

Coach        “Hey, don’t rip his arm off.” 

Minion       “No problem, we’ll just eat it for dinner. Cannibalism. Yay!” 

Coach        “Alex, we need to talk…”


That’s my boy!

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