Olympus Has Fallen And It Can’t Get Up

In Olympus Has Fallen, John McClaine is a secret service agent assigned to protect President Harvey Dent.

The movie opens when President Dent’s motorcade is attacked by an icy road while returning from Camp David. McClaine manages to save the president but the first lady drowns horribly which is a shame because she seemed very nice.

At this point you’ll probably ask yourself why they decided to drive on the roads instead of flying in Marine One, but you shouldn’t do that because it will just make your head hurt.

The movie continues 18 months later. McClaine has been removed from Presidential detail and is depressed because everything else the Treasury department does is dull and boring. But, he’s in luck, because Hans Gruber, disguised as a Korean, leads an assault on the White House and captures the President and most of his cabinet. McClaine manages to get into the White House just as every other Secret Service agent is taken out and begins to fight back.

At this point you’ll probably ask yourself why all of the Secret Service agents are trained to run into bullets, but you shouldn’t do that because it will just make your head hurt.

So, President Dent is held hostage in the bunker and John McClaine is the free world’s only hope because the North Koreans used planes, drones, garbage trucks and an army of commandos to secure the White House.

At this point your head will hurt. There’s no getting around it.

I won’t ruin it from there except to say that all in all I really enjoyed Die Hard and thought that Morgan Freeman did a great job playing the part of the dad from Family Matters.

Now I need an Advil.

Watch the movie here

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  • reply George Hilbert ,

    So, this is basically, “Die Hard 6 – Die Pretty Hard For A Guy Who Is Not Bruce Willis”, right?

    • reply Benjamin Wallace ,

      Actually, I’d say this is the best Die Hard sequel since Die Hard 2.

      • reply George Hilbert ,

        “Die Hard” and “Die Hard 2″ are among my favorite movies ever….The rest are mediocre at best, and I REALLY wanted to love them…

        • reply Benjamin Wallace ,

          I thought I was alone in my opinion that 3 wasn’t great.

        • reply Danielle Young ,

          I totally agree it was exactly like Die Hard, but I will also say it was a hell of a lot better than the latest actual Die Hard movie, that just blowed. No amount of explosions could save that movie.

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