New Year’s Revolution

Oh, ‘13. You were crazy. In a good way, mostly.

But you were waaaaaaay too complicated for my liking.

So listen up, ’14: here’s how we’re gonna run things this time around.

ONE: Simplicity is king. 
If something takes more than three steps, it’s out. This includes but is by no means limited to: food preparation, auto mechanical entanglements (screw you, broken motor mounts…), months-long self-imposed work assignments, second career expansions and so on. The exception to this: hygiene…it can take as long as it needs to (to my family and friends, I say: you’ll thank me for that in the long run).

TWO: Fun is vice-king. 
The complications made things laborious, grind-ish and not so laugh-worthy sometimes. So Fun shall be used as a barometer for Simplicity, like a scout sent out ahead of battle so I can see if it comes back with its head cut off. The moment something becomes un-fun, it’ll either be recalibrated and simplified to be fun again, or it’ll be shit-canned. I’m not fooling around with not fooling around anymore.

THREE: Less-ness is the vice-king’s vice-king. 
If there are more than three projects on the white board, they get erased and apologies made to whoever’s name was attached to it for opening my big fat mouth and saying I was capable and willing to do more than what Simplicity and Fun would allow me to. In fact, there won’tbe more than three things on the board…because three is the limit. And as of now, the board is loaded with stuff, including the rebirth of the Dumb, in which you now find yourself mired as you read this. But hey – it was simple and fun, wasn’t it? And now, it’s done. So it’s less, too.

See how that works?

And we’re only four days in so far.

Imagine how much simple-fun-lesser things are gonna be by March.

Here’s where it gets even stupider…

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  • reply George Hilbert ,

    A wonderful plan and very close to how I have been living my life for the last 10 years. However, there is one important caveat; In order to truly live by this code, one must have a guaranteed income sufficient to support the lifestyle one has become accustomed to. If not, you start compromising and eroding each rule for survival. That accounts for many of my earlier attempts to live in a similar manner…

    • reply Steven Luna ,

      Good call, Mr. Hilbert. All revolution items shall exclude the necessary income-generating activities :)

    • reply Author Christina Esdon ,

      I think these principles are great. There’s a great book I read called, “The Power of Less”. I didn’t read all of it, of course, you know…sticking with the whole “less” philosophy. :)

      • reply Steven Luna ,

        And you won all over the place, too…the people who wrote that book should have you blurb their sequel (provided having one doesn’t defeat the purpose).

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