“look, I’ve even brainwashed my kids!”

Advice from Paleo kids
By Chloe and Camee, 5th grade students

Ok kids! Don’t you hate it when your parents try to serve you healthy but disgusting Paleo foods? Well you don’t have to worry anymore. These 5th grade Paleo kids know what to do. We live with The Guy with No Shirt! Here are some tips: what we have learned to do is take a food we don’t like and imagine a food we really do like and think about it while we are eating. After each bite we take a sip of water to wash it down. You could also hold your nose while eating but sometimes that can be rude to the cook. We like going with more polite ways. We have learned from many years of experience that if you think the food is good before trying it instead of bad, it will taste a whole lot better.

Advice about junk food: you should only have about two small sodas a week. Only drink Gatorade after a sport or sweaty event. Only eat out if you have eaten healthy all week. Deserts should come after your dinner is finished and after you have eaten a fruit or a veggie.

On to the next matter: exercise! In the summer exercise is better in the morning or at night. You could also go indoors to places like a trampoline park or a roller skating rink or a rec center. But that can sometimes cost money. Exercise should always be fun! You should exercise at least an hour a day. One of Camee’s favorite activities is tumbling. She started four months ago and has loved it ever since. She can now touch her toes, do a front handspring, and a backflip! Chloe’s top two favorite activities are softball and basketball. At home she likes to skateboard; sometimes she even does it in the house!

Some people and kids are naturally skinny even though they don’t eat healthy or exercise. That has some down sides though. They probably aren’t very strong and get sick easily. They would probably have a hard time recovering from a car wreck or a broken bone.

We are normal kids just like you; and yes, we do like soda and cake, cookies, ice-cream etc. But we don’t want to be unhealthy. So we balance bad stuff with good stuff. We are setting these standards because we have realized that many kids in our community have big tummies. Our bodies feel spectacular and we have energy all throughout the day! :)

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