Let’s Protect Our Electronic Cat Database

There are many good ways to end the day, but one that ranks right up there is watching Netflix with your wife once the kids are in bed and pretending to be asleep. But Comcast, Verizon, and other US internet service companies think you aren’t paying enough to do that. Instead, they want to charge you TWICE – once while you are paying your monthly internet service bill, and again when they force Netflix to raise their rates and charge you more. This isn’t just a remote possibility, it’s already happening: Netflix has already started paying Comcast.

If you didn’t click that last link I don’t blame you, since watching a funny video is much more interesting than reading the gritty details; you should really watch as John Oliver takes on the issue of Net Neutrality. Although he does talk about coyote urine and the electronic cat database, there is a lot of good information about how we as consumers are about to get screwed over if the internet service companies have their way.
It looks like his call to action is working, since FCC proceeding 14-28 has a lot of comments. Orders and orders of magnitudes more comments. It’s embarrassing, really. Take a look:

Of course you know that this proposal is super bad for all of us from the title alone; “Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet”. They always use emotional taglines when we’re about to be screwed. How stupid do they think we are? As it turns out, they think we’re idiots. Ok fine, we’re a little dumb sometimes, but we aren’t idiots. Just ask our wives! Wait, no. Ask our buddies.

Don’t forget to throw your two cents in the comments form up at http://www.fcc.gov/comments – it may or may not help, but I guarantee it will feel good to rant. Then we can all go back to enjoying Netflix while it’s still affordable.
About the author:
Todd Trann has been programming computers since 1983, and is a self-proclaimed geek and Dumb White Husband. He doesn’t own a cat, but he sure likes funny cat pictures.  You can find him on Twitter at @toddtrann.

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