Jasester’s Choice

Okay, by now we’ve pretty much established I’m no expert in the field of coffee. If anything, I’m just a guy who knows what he likes, all the while experimenting with new types of beans whenever the opportunity arises. And like I said in my first post, I’ve really only been drinking coffee regularly for 3 ½ years now (which is stupid, because beforehand I would just go on a very untrustworthy autopilot until roughly 10AM.) I think it’s important to note that my journey to find a good coffee is mine and mine alone. If your tastebuds find themselves a’hankering for different flavors and blends, then that is YOUR journey. And Godspeed, my friend.

But get your own damn column.

My birth into the world of habitual coffee drinking was more out of necessity than anything. In 4 months my wife and I were going to have our first child, so I felt the need to accomplish 2 things beforehand: 1) lose some weight, and 2) figure out how to become more coherent in the morning. Considering a cup of joe with cream and sugar was only around 60 calories, coupled with the explosivo go-go power it provided me in the morning, coffee was an ideal choice. And do I need to mention just how good it is at keeping you regular? I mean, I was REALLY regular, which when I think about it was actually rather irregular at the time.

However, right off the bat I could tell just any old store-bought coffee was not going to sate my need for a caffeine fix. No offense to Folgers or Dunkin Donuts, but their coffee just tastes bitter to me. Instant coffee was out of the question, as that brown film with the tiny bean flakes floating on the top just seemed WRONG. And OH MY GOD do I hate hazelnut coffee! The smell alone is enough to make me wretch in disgust. If I could ever get past the smell, I’m sure the taste would launch me into a flurry of dry heaves. I find this rather weird, though, because I actually happen to like hazelnuts themselves. But I would rather swill down a carafe of jenkum than attempt to get that abomination anywhere near my pouty, kissable lips.

So almost weekly I would try out different brands. I sort of instinctively avoided the Starbucks stuff, probably just because I figured they ripped enough people off on a daily basis, and I didn’t feel the need to add my name to that memorial wall (NOTE: I’ve since thought about reconsidering my stance on Starbucks, as their Komodo Dragon Blend smells simply wonderful, but that may be a review for later on down the road.) Tried the Gevalia brand; it sucked. Then one day I grabbed a bag of Peet’s Coffee on sale at Kroger, and I was HOOKED. You know how most beer lovers have their one go-to beer that’s not as hoppy or rich as their usual microbrew selections? Just a simple brew whose sole purpose is a simple-yet-enjoyable means of getting the job done? Well, Peet’s House Blend is my Bud Light. Sure, I may head over to Central Market or World Market on occasion to try out something different with a little better quality. But at the end of the day I always go back to my one true love: the lively, aromatic dark roast of Peet’s.

Anything less might as well have hazelnuts in it.
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