Introducing The Collector

Wolverine’s claws. The Terminator’s arm. Buzz Aldrin’s underwear. This guy’s job is pretty amazing. Here’s Jacob.
I have a unique and almost mystical profession.
In the last few years I’ve experienced a number of age related milestones, which have forced me to evaluate my goals, expectations and intentions in life. I keep coming back to the same conclusion: I love where I’m at and I love my job. 
I’ve always been a little socially challenged. I don’t naturally pick up on the cues that signal someone to stop talking. I tend to share too much information and have been accused repeatedly of taking precious time explaining the veined beauty in a leaf when I should be concisely pointing out the forest.
I’m the guy that sees the question “How are you?” as an opportunity to share my life.  This has routinely kept me from excelling within social networks. You may well be able to imagine my amazement now when I’m regularly asked to stand behind a microphone at prominent events.
I’m passionate about my work and if you bump into me on a plane, at church, lunch, a kid’s function, or linger just that much too long near me when I’m picking up milk at the grocery store, I’ll tell you about it: I love my family and love what I do.  
It all started roughly seven years ago when I was struggling to find work and fighting the option and comfort of civil service.
My family is all contractors, teachers, nurses, firemen or police officers. I was determined to be “cosmopolitan,” as my Nanna called it. 
I’d spent a number of years in the world of hospitality, but really wanted more action. My quest led me to property management, which very quickly ended when my chosen horse folded to regroup in Austin. I didn’t want to admit defeat but I was running out of options. My wife suggested I apply for a position for a company she’d connected with.
After a year at the company, I have to admit, I was getting a little complacent and a little bored when a companywide email offered me an opportunity to learn a whole new trade: Become an auctioneer.
Four months after a grueling crash course in the Uniform Commercial Code, a brief background in contract, real estate and business law – and after the great state of TEXAS verified my chant – I began the exciting life of an AUCTIONEER.
Or as my son says, “Auction Man.” 
When joining the Be-More-Awesome Project, I decided to take the year to learn more about the history, the types, the various applications and the many opportunities within the world of auctions.
In the coming weeks, you may hear me ramble endlessly but will also have the opportunity to walk with me as I share the amazing people, material and experiences in this quest.
Don’t miss out!
Auction Man
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