An awful lot has happened since we went on hiatus a little over a year ago.

The saddest new is that we lost one of the husbands. Jason Laughlin was our coffee expert and a good friend.

I met Jason in college. His wife and my wife were bridesmaids in our respective weddings. And I will never meet a funnier and friendlier guy.

After the weddings, life started happening a lot. There were kids. There were jobs. And so on. I’m sure you’ve seen it happen.

We reconnected on Facebook and he joined us here writing The Grind. We always planned on grabbing a drink. We didn’t live that far apart but it just never worked out. There were birthday parties, family obligations, soccer games, and so on. I’m sure you’ve seen it happen.

He died two days before his 41st birthday.

And we never had that drink.

I wish we had. It wouldn’t have been that hard.

I didn’t even enjoy going to those soccer games.

Jason left behind a wonderful wife and two young kids, so please keep his family in your prayers. And have that drink next time.




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