Happy Birthday, Starlord

Years ago I made the mistake of drawing my kid as a superhero for his birthday.

 It was just a picture I handed him on that day and nothing more. And he was just a generic superhero in front of a giant seven.

But, since you can’t do for one…my twins wanted a picture next year. So I drew them as Sue Storm and the Human Torch. This is where I really went wrong, because now they wanted to be someone each year.

Soon these pictures became the party invitations and, as edible frosting technology progressed, they also became the literal icing on the birthday cake as well.

So, now it is no longer a nice thing Dad does for their birthday but a job order with a deadline. 

And things have gotten more complicated.

Last year I caught a break because it was, “show me roller skating.”  That was easy enough.

But this year he wants to be freaking Starlord. 

Now, that is kind of awesome. The movie isn’t even out yet and he wants to be one of the most obscure heroes in the Marvel Universe.

But Starlord has friends. And he’s not really identifiable as Starlord with the other Guardians.

I knew I couldn’t do all five of the characters, so I focused on the more iconic ones—a living tree and a gun toting raccoon.

It’s gone from a quick sketch to really involved process—an hour job to a full day of playing in photoshop. 

I’m sure next year I’ll be drawing my daughter as a Monster High doll and my younger son as some kind of Pokemon. Or worse, as all of the Pokemon.  Then it will take a week.

I guess the lesson here is don’t do nice things for your kids. Ever. 

Anyway, here’s my son as Starlord. I hope it doesn’t ruin the taste of the frosting.

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    I was nervous at “show me roller skating.” That alone would send me over the edge!

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