Gadgets For The Apocalypse


Just because you went out and bought a generator and restocked your pantry doesn’t mean you’re ready for the apocalypse to hit – there are still a few more things to think about if you’re going to survive.







What’s the biggest one?


You know that humans can’t survive without water. Or at least the non-zombie ones can’t. During the apocalypse the city’s water pumps will eventually stop. But how do you ensure that you have a supply of water on hand for drinking and cooking without digging a hole in your basement for a cistern?

No problem, just pick up a water cooler and four of those 5-gallon jugs to go along with it. Fill up all four jugs. When the first two are empty, start the third one and then take the two empties to fill them up. That way you’ll always have 10 gallons of water around, and possibly up to 20 gallons if the apocalypse hits right after you’ve filled up.


So you have plans for food, water and electricity, and you don’t look crazy to your neighbours. At least not yet.


Now what about heat? Of course the apocalypse may not have the courtesy to strike during the pleasant summer months, and if you live in an area that actually has a winter (unlike Florida) then you’ll need a way to heat your house. When you bought your generator you sized it to include running the furnace, but what happens if the city’s natural gas isn’t flowing?



Pick up one of these portable propane heaters approved for indoor use and a couple of 25lb propane tanks. Just set the tanks near your BBQ and nobody will suspect a thing. As an added bonus, the next time your BBQ runs out of propane you’ll actually have a spare! Just remember to fill the tanks when needed.


One last tip for today: in order to make your generator electricity last as long as possible, don’t forget to switch all of your lights over to LED. They use a lot less power.


Yet another free short story from the guy who brought you that last free short story.

Tommy has a problem. His friends are here to help.

Tommy’s friends are worried that his prepping is getting out of hand.

It’s no so much that he’s prepared. It’s what he preparing for.

This new short story has been called:



“I can’t believe you’re making jokes about something so serious!”

“You’re a horrible person!”

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