Fun On The Cheap: Paper + Pen + Cat + Camera


Oh for cryin’ out loud, it’s another cat article.

I can’t help it. If the Dog Whisperer can have a weekly television show about calmly convincing dogs to stop pooping in their humans’ shoes, I ought to be able to write a cat article every few months.

A few weeks ago, I read a Kotaku story about a Japanese meme called “Cat Montage”. This involves a strip of paper, a pen or marker, a camera and a cat. One simply draws a pair of eyes on the paper, places it in front of their cat, takes a photo and hilarity ensues.

After a particularly busy work day, I found myself needing to relax. That’s when I looked at my cat Momiji and thought, “What a marvelous time to try Cat Montage!”

In a nod to the country of origin, I made some big-ass Pikachu eyes. Voilà– Instant Pokémon! Unless you have a very calm and agreeable cat, I recommend doing this when they are asleep. Like, the near comatose asleep where you can sort of move them without waking them up.





The next day, a friend recommended THE FUTURE OF CLAW ENFORCEMENT.I give you RoboCat.




If you aren’t enjoying this, then you are a crotchety old stick in the mud and look like this:




Then I thought how exciting the new Star Wars movie would be if all the stormtroopers were cats.




But it’s not all science-fiction in this house. (Technically, my cat’s more of a Weasley color.)



All the while, my black cat Takkyubin had been left out of the fun because in every photo he ends up looking like a dark splotch resembling what the people on ghost-hunting shows call “evidence”.

What Cat Montage eyes could possibly go on to such a creature?


And then it hit me:



I always thought black-suit Spider-Man looked cool. SECRET WARS IN MY HOUSE, PEOPLE.



To wrap things up, I highly suggest you try Cat Montage. Hell, you don’t even need a cat. It could be Dog Montage or Turtle Montage or whatever. As long as you have paper, ink and a willing critter, the fun never stops.

Grab a pen, some paper and a camera and share your Cat Montage pictures in the comments.



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    my cat is still wondering what you were doing to him. How can I post a picture?

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