Dumb White Husband Movie Night: Red Dawn

Dumb White Husband Movie Night is back!

We’re all grown up and have nothing better to do with our Friday nights so we’re all going to sit together and watch a movie.

And, we want you to join us. This week we’re watching the remade Red Dawn.

With the possible exception of Tango & Cash, no movie encapsulates the action films of the 80’s better than Red Dawn. The underdog fighting back against impossible odds. Patriotism framed in every shot. Soviet evilness at its evilnessest. The decade was filled with such paranoia that, even if for a couple of hours, it seemed possible that Cuba might successfully invade the United States and that Dalton, Charlie “Tiger Blood” Sheen and Marty McFly’s mother were our only hope to repel them.

Not so red menacing without a throat are you, communism?

And, we ate it up. We still do. Red Dawn holds a special place in our jingoistic hearts because it taught us that school spirit and the most basic hunting skills was enough to turn kids into the greatest threat communism had ever seen.

It was also our first lesson in auto maintenance.

30 years later, Hollywood saw fit to remake this classic. This time around the North Koreans have invaded because they don’t watch as many movies as the Chinese do. Now, instead of Swayze using his cooler skills to put the Soviets in place we’ve got Thor and that baker kid with the mad frosting skills from Hunger Games to fight them off.

Hiding behind the rock was just too easy.

Will they mess it up? Maybe. But if it’s a train wreck it’s a train wreck worth watching if for no other reason than to see how our perceptions have changed in the last 30 years. And because it’s got that chick with the tongue from Transformers 2 in it.

Yeah, that’s the one.

Here she is looking less threatening.

Here she is going for a swim.

And then relaxing a bit. She earned it after that swim.

And here she is with a horse for some reason.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Join us for the next Dumb White Husband Movie Night.

What we’re watching: The remake of Red Dawn
Where we’re watching it: Your TV and on Twitter with #dwhmn
When we’re watching it: Friday, Jan 31st , 10PM CST

Who’s watching it: All of us and all of you. Follow along on Twitter #dwhmn

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  • reply Danielle Young ,

    I have missed DWH movie nights! They are a blast. Can’t wait for this one, you know I’ll be tuning in!

  • reply Stephanie Fuller ,

    Awesome! We’ll see if I can make it…I’ve missed DWH movie nights!

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