Not So Dumb Ideas: All Puppet Players


Here at DWH, we love a great idea. Long ago, back in the aughts, many great ideas went unrealized because some of the most inventive minds in the world didn’t have a relative with money. But, now that we’re living in the future, great ideas are getting funded everyday. We’ll be featuring some of those great ideas here on the site. Sometimes it will be a new gizmo that will change our lives. Today Steven Luna has brought us puppets performing the Exorcist, Top Gun and more.

Everyone loves puppets.

We have Jim Henson to thank for that. He really upped the ante with the Muppets, and blew the hinges off of our childhoods with Sesame Street and the Muppet Show. Ask anyone working in creative industries these days what works helped shape their imaginations and made them want to create, and the Muppets are sure to make the list, right next to Disney animation and the advent of Nintendo.

Well, the people who loved those puppets first have grown up now, and their sensibilities have expanded to include improve comedy and inventive live performances that make the audience feel as if anything could happen at any time.

Luckily for them, there’s All Puppet Players.

APP is a theatre troupe that combines the best of puppetry, film, improv and audience participation. Think “Avenue Q” with the fourth wall broken down…and stomped into dust. It’s the brainchild of founder Shaun Michael McNamara and plays on stages in California and Arizona. Hilarious and entirely-adult-oriented productions for their 2013/2014 season have included “The Exorcist Has No Legs,” an outrageous spoof of the Linda Blair horror classic brought into three dimensions with the inclusion of Silly String vomit aimed at the audience; “Fifty Shades of Felt,” which incorporated live actors and featured full-on puppet sex (likely for the first time ever on a Phoenix stage!); and a full-on puppet remake of “Top Gun”, complete with the infamous Volley Ball Scene. Here’s a little NSFW clip from Father Damian addressing a certain “Exorcist” critic to give you a sense of what they do.

Shaun and crew have fallen into an amazing opportunity to have a home theater in downtown Phoenix for their 2015 season, with side performances in Southern California. But there are expenses involved, and APP’s budget has always been decidedly on the “moths in a coffee can” side of things—the curse of self-supporting independent artists everywhere. To cover these costs, APP has a Kickstarter campaign running right now. Check out their promo videos to find out more about their history and their plans for Global Puppet Domination, and help them out with a contribution if you can. They’re doing something special. It would be great to see them have a dedicate space to make it grow.


If you’ve got a not so dumb idea you’d like featured on DWH, contact us through the magic of email and tell us about it.

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