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Garage door openers aren’t something that most of us think about until they stop working and then of course we’re in a panic to replace them. But unless you already have an opener that has a battery backup, I’m going to suggest that you consider replacing yours early.
Let’s call this hubby insurance. 
It’s like betting that something bad might go wrong, and when it does you get to cash in your bet for hubby points because you were smart enough to think ahead. This is quite similar to my previous advice on why you want to back up your computer – not just because it’s smart but more importantly because it earns you hubby points.
Consider this scenario that I didn’t even need to make up because it happened to me a few months ago: your wife texts you while you’re at work and she’s at home.
“THE POWER IS OUT!!” – she sends.
“That’s nice” – your witty reply probably isn’t appreciated.  But then you notice that your computer is still working and the office lights are still on. 
“Power is on here” – you update her.
“I’m going out, I have an appointment” – she texts back, without even a thought to how this miracle might happen.  And that’s it.  No further updates from your wife until later in the day when she sends you a text with some things to pick up on the way home, and to tell you the power is back on.

When you get home you drop this bomb on her, the one you’ve been waiting to drop all day:  “My friend Mark texted me, he goes into work late, except today he was stuck at home.  Couldn’t make it in.”

“Why is that?”  That’s right… take the bait.
“Power was out at his place, and his garage door opener wouldn’t open.  And he tried the manual door release, but it wouldn’t budge.”  You can see the wheels turning in her head.
“Oh.  So how did ours work when I went out this morning?”  This is it.  You have her baited and hooked, now just to reel her in…
“Ours has a battery backup.”
At this point she may run over to kiss you, and tell you what a wonderful husband you are for planning ahead and making sure that her day wasn’t messed up.  Or, you may have a wife with a sense of humor that delivers exactly what you deserve as a reply:
“That’s nice.”
Either way, you know and she knows that you just earned those points.
The garage door opener that I chose was the Chamberlain Whisper Drive, a slightly older model than this one on Amazon.  It’s going to set you back another $50 or so compared to a similar opener without battery backup, but it is truly worth it.
About the author:

Todd Trann has been programming computers since 1983, and is a self-proclaimed geek and Dumb White Husband. He can open very heavy garage doors with one hand behind his back (pushing the remote). You can find him on Twitter at

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