Dash Cams For Fun and Profit (well not loss)


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A “dash cam” isn’t an Olympic sprinter named Cam. No, it’s a camera mounted on the dash of your vehicle, set up to record either all the time or at least while your vehicle is running. Until every new vehicle comes with one of these installed so that the government can track us all, it’s up to you to decide if you should install one yourself.


Here, let me help you: yes. Yes, you should. I have three good reasons for you.


Reason #1: They are fun.

Once you set it up and you have finally captured some good footage of someone driving like an idiot, you’re all set. Take that memory card out and slap it into your computer, gather your wife and kids around, and grab a bowl of popcorn. This is pure entertainment. See? You’ve already paid for your investment.


Reason #2: Profit.

Or rather, lack of expenses (which is kind of like profit). If your dash cam manages to catch someone else trying to pull an insurance scam on you, then you will be kissing that camera all the way to the police. Then give them the footage and allow them to laugh along with you as to how screwed the other driver is. And don’t think that this only happens in Russia – here’s a video of someone avoiding an insurance scam in Canada thanks to his dash cam:


Reason #3: It may improve your driving.

Now that I know my own driving is being recorded, I am slightly less of an idiot driver. I’m still a guy and I still drive a truck, but I’m more relaxed about things. And if driving just a little more carefully saves you from getting into an accident, then the dash cam has saved you more money. This thing just keeps paying for itself again and again.


There you have it. Go do your research and find a dash cam that you like, buy it, and install it. Fun and profit are waiting for you!


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