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 Summer blockbusters are what movies are all about. Turn off the part of your brain that troubles you with thinking and just soak in the noise and special effects. Superheroes, action heroes, big explosions and bad guys getting their evilness punched right in the face—movies don’t get any bigger than this.

This June, the Dumb White Husband is celebrating Summer blockbusters past and present and we want you to join us.

Have they taught you something?
What’s the best summer movie ever?
If two action heroes were pitted against one another, who would win?
Do you have any special memories about a particular movie?
Want to bitch about concession prices?
How about that asshole on his phone in the middle of the movie?
Anything else?

If you have any thoughts on Summer movies and want to share them with our readers, contact us here. We’d love to share them.