Choose Your Own Apocalypse



In the video game universe, sometimes you’re trying to prevent an apocalypse and other times you’re surviving one. What is amazing is just how many creative and exciting ways to experience end of civilization as we know it.

What apocalypse should you be playing right now?




The current favorite apocalypse of game developers is, of course, the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Personally, I feel the best zombie apocalypse games are Telltale’s The Walking Dead titles. They’re great emotional stories with hope, sorrow and heads getting smashed by cinder blocks. I didn’t include a favorite action series, Dead Rising, because they’re not really apocalypses– each DR outbreak was eventually contained and as time went along in the series, the pharmaceutical drug Zombrex was introduced to prevent the bitten from turning. That’s nowhere close to apocalyptic. And don’t even consider the Resident Evil games­ as apocalypses, with world governments now allied to form the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), civilization is far from ending in those…unless you lived in Raccoon City, which got nuked off the face of the earth. Which brings me to–


The NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE. The Fallout series is great for radioactive adventure, with Fallout 3 being my favorite. The option to roam the wasteland as a heroic, neutral or evil post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior, combined with oddly charming late 50s cold war kitch, is genius. *Gives Ben a thumbs up with that cleverly hidden plug.* If you’d rather take part in the actual nuking, I recommend DEFCON, which makes you feel just like Dabney Coleman in the movie WarGames, only Matthew Broderick never shows up to save the day. And you kill millions of people each round. Uh… Yay, team?


For an apocalypse more related to current events, you could play a DISEASE APOCALYPSE. Perhaps something like Plague, Inc., which puts you in the role of a disease with the goal to wipe out all of humanity before the World Health Organization can create a cure for you. The more people you infect, the more you evolve and the more dangerous you become. As far as I know, it’s one of the only games where you can level up to induce vomiting or infectious pustules.

But are you looking for a more specified, niche apocalypse?



For a FUNGAL APOCALYPSE, you can always play The Last Of Us, where most of the world’s populace has been overtaken by a brain-controlling fungus. This game is incredible, but wow, you cross paths with awful, terrible people in it. It’s the most depressing fun you’ll ever have.



You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned CARPOCALYPSE. I’m especially happy with Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Steam. Even though the game is in Early Access, it already has the classic Death Race 2000 feel of the original 1997 title, Carmageddon. So many pedestrians!



Perhaps the GIANT BUG AND ROBOT APOCALYPSE of the awesomely campy Earth Defense Force series is more your style? It’s an incredible rush to aim a triple-barreled rocket launcher at a 100’ tall robot, only to be swarmed by a murderous colony of gargantuan bus-sized fire ants, causing you to misfire and accidentally demolish a block of high rise condominiums.



And finally, the apocalypse I’m currently fighting and rail-sliding my way through is the ORANGE ENERGY SODA APOCALYPSE of the game Sunset Overdrive, in which a new high-powered, rushed-through-the-FDA-approvals-process energy drink has metabolized the extreme athletes and up-all-nighters of Sunset City into violently caffeinated extreme monsters. (Presumably with taurine.) This title has got to be the brightest, most colorful apocalypse I’ve ever experienced in my game playing life. Also the most fashionably incoherent.

In summary, you can’t really go wrong with any of these apocalypses; they’re all fun to play through. And as a benefit, if one or all of these apocalypses happens, you’ll have your bases covered and you’ll know exactly what to do.



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