Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: Dating

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday is back this week with special guest Nerky Meg who’s here to tell us that we’re even wrong when we’re not husbands. My name is Nerky Meg, at least that’s what the internet calls me. I’m a divorcé, but I’m too young and awesome to be called that, so I’m sans […] Read more

Leaving the Toilet Seat Up is Wrong

You don’t drive around the street with the hood of your car up. You don’t leave the microwave open when cooking your Hot Pocket. After you grab a cold beer, you don’t leave the rest to get warm with the fridge ajar. And you don’t play your Xbox with the disc player open. Really, it’s […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: It’s your turn

We’re husbands. We’re wrong a lot. Will we admit it? Will we even recognize it? No. But, that’s why we have you, our beloved spouses. We need your help. Crystal has been doing a great job of telling us why we’re wrong since the beginning of the year. She is a wife and mother of […] Read more

Googling “How to Be a Man” is Wrong

Dear husbands, Maybe you should try to not Google “how to be a man” or any other equivalent that would be considered a rite of passage into manhood. That statement now brings me to a furry animal (because it wouldn’t be the internet without a furry animal). My husband was recently faced with a problem […] Read more

Our Collection is Wrong

Dear Husband: You are wrong about “the collection” After you move in with your beautiful, bright and shiny new wife and unpack your belongings, you become wrong — immediately. Women have spent our childhood dreaming of our home; we are hardwired for nesting and preparing the home. We have Pinterest boards, scrapbooks and magazines dedicated to […] Read more

Our Toenails Are Wrong

Nope, nope, nope. That is exactly what I thought when I was trying to enjoy my shower after a long week of work and child rearing. I just stood there, mid-lather, and stared at the latest “tool” my dearest husband left out and didn’t bother to reshelve. But this wasn’t just any hammer, wrench or […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday

Being husbands we’re wrong on any given day of the week. We’re willing to admit that, but we’re only willing to acknowledge it one day a week. Here that day is Wednesday. If something’s bugging you, today is the day to let us have. Tired of our sports, our movies, our fascination with cars? Don’t […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesdays: Over-fixin’

Dear Husband; I love you and your Mr. Fixit sensibilities, really I do. Far be it for me to complain about any of the innumerable projects you’ve poured your blood, sweat, cuss words, and time into. In the seven years we’ve been in this home, you’ve put so much energy into making it better and […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: We Can’t Find Stuff

If you have stopped by Dumb White Husband’s Why We’re Wrong Wednesday, then I am sure that you probably already know that this isn’t my first rodeo. And I know what you’re thinking, how can she have so much to say? Well allow me to explain, I am completely surrounded by 5 boys and 1 […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: Because We Don’t Want to Be Wrong

In the never ending quest to find out why we’re wrong, it’s sometimes good to hear that doing that makes us wrong too. Why you’re wrong. Hm. Been thinking on this more, especially after some of the posts from my female cohorts lately. I dare say, we wives are turning into DUMB white wives. I […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: Mother Knows Best.

Just in time for Mother’s Day we have a post from mother Sierra that reminds us Dads why we’re wrong when it comes to the kids. And dishes. But, mostly the kids.  Anything I can do you can do WORSE!! My husband is an incredibly smart, talented man. Seriously. People use him like a real […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: New Toys

Every year, there will be a big push on the latest piece of domestic gadgetry that you desperately need. Even though you never wasted a nanosecond of your life thinking about owning one before, you’re gonna have to get one. What’ll it be? A pressure washer? A leaf blower? A ladder that folds into umpteen […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: Accuracy

For today’s Why We’re Wrong Wednesday, Danielle let’s us know that we’re a little off target.  Let me paint a picture for you. It is 3 am and suddenly I am struck with the urge to use the bathroom. I really don’t want to get out of my nice warm bed and give up the […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: Chick Flicks

Chick flicks. Yeah, you heard me. Chick flicks. I can see you rolling your eyes. Knock that off. I’m about to tell you something that will blow you away. Ready? We do not watch chick flicks because our lives are lacking in the romantical department. Feel better? I bet you do. Fine. I guess I […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Dogs in the Kitchen

It’s Wednesday, so we must be wrong about something. Author Kimberly Grenfell joins us today to tell us why we’re wrong about our dogs. Here’s Kimberly. Before I begin my semi-grouse about why I believe my husband is wrong on one issue in our household, I must say this: My husband is far from dumb. […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Video Games

Before I tell you why you are wrong, allow me to first tell you why you are right!  Gaming. I have to say is one thing you men definitely got right. Oh, sure there may be others, but that is neither here nor there. I know I have my husband to thank for the joy […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Mushy Brains and Kids

Our guest today gets a few things off her chest. I don’t know her husband but I hope he picked out a comfy couch.  Dearest Dumb White Husband, I’d been putting off sending you this note about why you are wrong because of the little niggling in the back of my mind saying I shouldn’t […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – We Thought It Was Just Us

Danielle Young steps up to show us that it’s not just we guys that are wrong. Proving us wrong, yet again.  Why I was Wrong on Valentine’s Day Of course we all know that recently the world celebrated this little thing called Valentine’s Day. And we also know that this holiday is a big deal […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Cats Are Not Evil

Exhibit A Dear Dumb White Husband, I write to you today to say you are wrong. Yes, I said it. Wrong. I have a hunch that if I looked at the DWH crest it would include the Latin phrase Omnes feles mali sunt. All cats are evil. What is this? Guilty until proven innocent? I […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – Wrong About Being Wrong

When we first invited readers to tell all us guys why we were wrong we got quite a few comments that we were wrong about being wrong. To illustrate that, our guest today points out that we’re wrong by telling us how awesome we are. Who are we to argue? Here’s Maggie. So you’re willing […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday – The Last Piece of Pie

  Dear Husbands, Do NOT ever eat the last slice of pie. When we all get married there are spoken, written, and unspoken “rules” within the marriage. There’s the whole “in sickness and health” part spoken in front of God and family. Then, there’s the long-shot agreement, “Sure honey, you can have a pass if […] Read more