Jim Foronda

…Then I Took A Ceramic Bunny Planter To The Knee

Every so often my wife and I will go to an estate sale. While some people go all American Pickers and try to find things that will make them rich and famous and the next show on the History Channel, we’re simply looking for fun.  For instance, I like old board games­– specifically games that […] Read more

A LEGO Beginner’s Guide To LEGROPING

I am a LEGO fan. I still have my old bricks dating back to the 70’s, including those funky Duplo arches that looked kind of like the old Hilton logo. Brothers Brick is part of my daily internet news routine. And I so very much want that super-awesome Architecture Studio set. I don’t rank anywhere […] Read more


Ben Wallace hates cats. This is a known fact. I, on the other hand, quite like them. Long-time readers of the site may remember Ben’s delight in telling the story of the sinister Mr. Jim, alias the Cat Boogeyman.  He turned a genuinely heartwarming story of feral catch/fix/release into the feline version of Friday The 13th. […] Read more

All Systems Go, Prepare For Launch

Today we welcome Jim Foronda to Dumb White Husband. Jim will be heading up all things geek. Is he qualified? Jim has been the voice of Duke, Cobra Commander, Opitmus Prime and Megatron as well as appearing in many video games including the Borderland series. He’s spent the better part of two decades making toy […] Read more