Jim Foronda

Fun On The Cheap: Paper + Pen + Cat + Camera

Oh for cryin’ out loud, it’s another cat article. I can’t help it. If the Dog Whisperer can have a weekly television show about calmly convincing dogs to stop pooping in their humans’ shoes, I ought to be able to write a cat article every few months. A few weeks ago, I read a Kotaku […] Read more

A Week Ago In A Galaxy One, One State Away…

If you are nerd-type person, then there is an excellent chance you have a collection of a lot of stuff from a favorite thing, like a comic or a video game or a movie series. If it is a massive collection of sports memorabilia, you might actually be a jock-type person, but who am I […] Read more

Black Friday Has Changed

If there is any contemporary event the most closely resembles the apocalypse it’s Black Friday or some horrific disaster that I’m belittling by making that joke. Though he’s hung up his one armed leather jacket, Jim was once the Mad Max of Black Friday. Here he relives one of his greatest moves.   -ben   […] Read more

Choose Your Own Apocalypse

WHICH APOCALYPSE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? In the video game universe, sometimes you’re trying to prevent an apocalypse and other times you’re surviving one. What is amazing is just how many creative and exciting ways to experience end of civilization as we know it. What apocalypse should you be playing right now?     ZOMBIES […] Read more

The Power Rangers School Of Fashion

I will never be on the cover of GQ. My fashion sense is quite similar to that of many other geeky folk, consisting of some pop-culture T-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts. If it’s cold, maybe a themed hoodie or something. But that doesn’t mean I don’t put any thought behind it. About […] Read more

The Scariest Books We’ve Read

It’s October. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and all basic cable programming has turned to grainy nightvision footage. Even Animal Planet. It’s the second scariest time of year next to the last day of school. To celebrate we’re going to share with you the scariest books we’ve ever read. Click the […] Read more

Overcoming My Own Personal Jill Sandwich

In the 90s, I worked at a small mom & pop game store in Orlando by the name of Video Game Trader. It was a fascinating time for the industry as games gradually moved to disc format, allowing for more content, larger play worlds, full-motion video and… characters that talk. There had been some speech […] Read more

The Best Thing About Destiny

A lot has been said about the much hyped game Destiny. And, while it never much peaked his interest, this week Jim finally succumbs to the peer pressure and plays the new game with some old friends. Here’s Jim.    I will confess here: I was never much of a Halo player. I am also […] Read more

Akihabara Electric Town Comes Home

Getting married is a rite of passage. Rites of passages usually signify a transition from one life stage to another. But, not always. Jim may have grown older but has defined growing up his own way. He’s been a toy-tech, the voice of Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander and has played more video games than […] Read more

Modern Board Game Marketing Scrabble Boggles My Mind

Last weekend  I was perusing the aisles of Toys R Us, looking to see if there were any good clearance deals left– all color-coded tags had dropped to 95% off. Needless to say, anything of value had been picked clean and all that remained were piles of Monster High iPhone 4 cases. I’d noticed that […] Read more

Road Trips: When The Brain Makes Something Out Of Nothing

Super Ultra Mega Getting married is a rite of passage. Rites of passages usually signify a transition from one life stage to another. But, not always. Jim may have grown older but has defined growing up his own way. He’s been a toy-tech, the voice of Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander and has played more […] Read more

Sub Prime: When I Was Leader Of The Autobots

Some readers may not be aware that I have two jobs: I work in advertising and I’m also a voice actor for things like cartoons and video games. This is one story where these jobs crossed paths. With a giant robot. As you may know, what with Mark Wahlberg dodging explosions every commercial break this […] Read more

Kitten-Proof Gaming

Longtime readers of DWH know that I am most certainly a cat person. However, the recent adoption of a particularly curious and persistent kitten has made gaming a bit more… difficult. In the past, my cats always went after stuff on screen. Indy ruined the “Licker smashing through two-way mirror” scene in Resident Evil 2 […] Read more


There’s a small scene in X-Men: Days Of Future Past where Quicksilver plays Pong against himself. The weird thing is that instead of falling into the background as a sight gag, I thought, “Wow, that cabinet is in great shape. I wonder if it’s real?” I’d like to think that the producers found an actual […] Read more


There are several happy gaming couples out there. They play co-op, camp out for consoles together, trade Pokémon with each other and go on raids together. This article is not for them. This is for people like me who are the lone gamer in a relationship. My wife Karin used to play games, ranging from […] Read more


Most nerds are socially awkward. The first step to solving this problem is admitting you have it. With effort, it is possible to overcome much of our goofiness…but we will still make the occasional joke referencing a boss monster from a PlayStation One video game at a party with our spouse’s coworkers and everyone present […] Read more

You Are A Terrible Terrible Person

I like to think that I’m a pretty good guy. I make room for cars to merge into my lane on freeway entrance ramps. I let the shopper with just one item go ahead of me in the checkout lane. Hell, I was once given $20 too much in extra change at Best Buy and […] Read more

The Need For Speed Movie: Cinema Not To Be Skipped

Yes. You read that right. Allow me to clarify. The first time I played a Need For Speed game was actually the first Need For Speed game, released in 1994 as a year-long exclusive on the 3DO “Interactive Multiplayer” – Road & Track Presents The Need For Speed. On a slow summer day at GameTrader […] Read more